When looking to put the finishing touches on your home, window treatments are a great option to start with. But then I have one question for you, is your style contemporary or traditional?

For our contemporary style, sharp shapes and clean straight lines, our cellular shades and pleated shades would be along the lines of what you have been searching for. Our cellular shades come in four patterns (aside from our solid colors): Borgata, Bellagio, Mirage and Mandalay. For those looking for a subtle “floral” look, the Borgata design maybe a great option for you. The paisley design blends into the color of the shade at night, but when the sunlight hits it, the paisley design beautifully stands out in a wonderful tasteful way. Another great option would be the pleated shade, which has a similar look of the cellular shade just without the “honey comb” look, which are meant for insulation purposes. These are great for filtering in the light while taking out that glare. If you are looking for a black out option our floral designs in the pleated are a great choice for a bedroom.

Now on the other side of the spectrum with a traditional sense of style are woods and our faux woods, if you wanted to dress up the blind a little, our fabric tapes come in many great options including ones with floral designs. Our classic roman shade, also comes in the floral designs that the flat panel roman shades have as well as their solids and other decorative patterns, all of which will give your room that old fashioned elegance that you will love for years to come.

At Blinds To Go we try to be as versatile as possible to meet all of your decor ideas, so we can provide excellent customer service for all your needs this spring.

By: Tiffany P.