2016: New Year, New Colors

So the new tones of 2016 have been released, Rose Quartz and Serenity.  These are a change from the last few years, which are bold, vibrant colors.  Unlike the previous ones, this years colors are muted, soft tones of pink and a light blue with a purple undertone.

The question is, how do I use these colors? The good thing is – there are a variety of different ways to use them, and they are all easy.  You can use them in  your personal style, through fashion, clothing and accessories.  You can also use them in your home decor.  In either setting, it is best to think of these as accent colors, to be more of a  pop of color next to a more neutral palette.

In fashion, you can pair a clutch, purse, or wallet with a simple outfit.  You can dress up with jewelry or a scarf.  You can get a cute pair of flats or flip flops.  If looking to go bold you can get a dress or top that pulls in these new colors as well.

In home decor, you can embrace the color a lot by adding an accent wall, or just a little by adding some accent pieces.  You can get a decorative chair to add to an otherwise neutral living room.  You can add some simple throw pillows or change out a lampshade.  You can switch out the rug in your bedroom, or even get a new bedding – sheets, comforters, blankets. You just want to make sure that whatever changes you make are simple, so if you ever tire of them it is a quick change back.

No matter how you utilize the colors, make sure you have fun with the process.  And again, don’t commit too much – because there will be new colors for 2017!