By: Sai
If given the choice I will always go with an inside mount. Everywhere I have ever lived I have had wood blinds and they have been inside mounted. My windows have always been deep with extended sills so my blinds always sat nice and neatly. Mounting my blinds on the inside of the window has always allowed me the chance to show off my decorative molding, and it has allowed me to put my curtain on the outside. I have always done it this way and it’s just made my life a lot easier. In my new home I ran into a dilemma that I have not been able to fix. My dilemma is that the depth of my windows is an inch and a half. For wood blinds this is the in between zone where I can mount it on the inside but with a two inch slat it will stick out, or I can mount it on the outside and have it completely outside.

What are my options in this case?

The first choice is to mount it on the outside. If I mount on the outside I have two ways I can go about it. It all depends on if I want to show molding or not. If I mount on the outside I have to look and see how much I like my molding. Is my molding dressy and beveled enough or is it plain and simple. Right now my molding is a wooden color and if I cover all my molding I do not have to worry about painting it. If I paint my molding white like I want to, I can measure from partial molding to partial molding so that I can still show off my molding and give the illusion that it’s still on the inside. If I choose to go outside at the top of the molding, my valance will wrap all the way around my wood blind. This would be nice because I like my decorative molding. The molding would still look like a cornice by doing this and I won’t have to add curtains.  It would be nice to have a nice finished blind up and not have to worry about putting anything else on there. The only real problem I will have is that if I want to put up a curtain or valance with the blind sticking out so far from the window, I will need to buy special curtain rods and extension brackets just for it to wrap around the blind. This seems like a time consuming dilemma.

The second choice is to mount my wood blinds on the inside of the window.  If I do this all of my molding will show which is always a nice look. I do not have to worry about looking for any specialty curtain rods or extension brackets and it will save me time, which is always good for me with the hectic schedule I live. Another advantage is that even though my blind will stick out my valance can still be customized so that the side piece wraps around the bracket; therefore, it not visible and is still finished like a cornice. This is nice because I did not know this was possible. Blinds just look so finished when mounted on the inside. The only downside to me if I mount them on the inside is that when the slats are tilted open they are going to stick out of the window, and I do not know how I will feel about that. Another concern is that if the blind sticks out, I am worried it would look crappy and unfinished.

The Decision

So drum roll please!! I ended up choosing an INSIDE MOUNT.. There are a couple of reasons why I went in that direction. First, I have a personal preference with the blind being on the inside.  It just looks better that way because it’s crisp and clean and looks less bulky. I ended up painting my molding white, so yes, me blind sticks out but they’re white so it matches my molding and I can barely notice it. The third reason I did an inside mount was because the valance was finished and looked like a cornice, so it saved me some money since I didn’t have to add anything else to it. I am very happy with my decision! Some may agree, some may disagree, but  I would be more than happy to hear which way you would go.