By: Brenna


My husband and I recently decided to redo our den. The room has never really been utilized because it was towards the back of the house and was always just extra space. Since the room really needed a complete do – over, we decided to go to the extremes and agreed that a sun room would be just what we needed. Plus, living in Florida, with its warm climate, we really wanted to enjoy the sunshine and pleasant weather.

We also have a large backyard which has a pool, this makes it a popular hangout for not only our young children but their freinds and neighbors as well. There is not much covered space to chaperone anyone swimming, so having a sun room close by will allow us to watch them in the pool.
We had our three outer facing walls filled with wide sliging windows. And we also had transom windows installed above those to let in even more light. Our only issue now with all of the glass exposure is our new lack of privacy. Even though our backyard is spacious, our neighbors to the left are quite close to our house.

We wanted something simple to just pull down when we needed privacy, but still allow light in. We figured one large shade over each slider would keep our decor looking simple and clean lined. I originally planned on matching our white framing for a uniform look, but realized that they might get stained from all the children around. So we went with a darker color which can disguise any dirty fingerprints. And since we still wanted light to come in when the shades were down, we opted for a fabric material in a solid color.We decided on a gorgeous slate blue material becuase it brought in a little pop of color but was not overpowering to the space. Not to mention, the color severly enhances the decor of the room, especially when the sun shines through the fabric becuase it makes the grand windows a true focal point.
Since we did intend on leaving the transom windows bare, we mounted the brackets on the molding between the sliding windows and the transom. And since the mechanism of the shade is so sleek, the fabric wraps tightly around the roll and do not obstruct any type of view to either the transom or the sliders.
I am very satisfied with our final window covering choice, my family can fully utilize the new sun room and it gives the kids more supervised time in the pool as well. We are one happy family!