New Window Treatments

While most people are used to their traditional roller shades, or venetian blinds, the window treatment designers have been pretty hard at work updating and creating new styles. A lot of the new styles that are on the market are not only functional, like the traditional predecessors, but fashionable, and will provide a new element to your room.

– Roman Shades – While these shades might have been around for a long time, they have recently undergone some major changes. The newest styles have finished backings, with different options for adding privacy or blackout to your room. They can come in a variety of different styles – flat with ribs, flat that fall in a waterfall style, or classic folds that can add dimension to your window. They have upgrades available including cordless or even motorization. But, the best part is the fabrics. Of course, if you are more traditional, there is a wide variety of neutral colors, but there are also a variety of bold, colorful patterns, that can dress up even the plainest decor.

– Cascades – This is a product that is relatively new to the market. Operating like a traditional roller shade, a Cascade is a sheer shade that lowers from a finished cassette valance in a double layer and has alternating 3-4” strips of sheer and decorative fabric. When operating the shades, you can have the sheer layers overlapping with allows you a view out of the window, or have the sheer layers covered up which will provide you with privacy or room darkening (depending on the shade). These treatments are a very modern option, that provide a very sleek look to any window. They can also come with a cord for operation, or can be motorized.

If you are still a little more traditional, the good thing is, there have been a lot of upgrades in those areas as well. A lot of new, modern colors and patterns have been added into the traditional to help you match to any new updates you are doing throughout your home. Happy decorating!