Winter is finally here! The nights are getting chilly, and the mornings aren’t getting much warmer.  Luckily we haven’t been bombarded by snow yet, so the reality of the season hasn’t settled in, but the cold has.  So how to keep out the cold – without spending too much money – especially since you already spent all of your money on the holidays!

Usually the biggest culprit of letting in the cold air is your doors and windows.  An easy fix for your doors is to get draft protection for the bottom of your exterior doors.  They sell a variety of different styles, but some sit just on the interior side and some are attached below the door so have a guard on the interior and exterior. You can also DIY one for yourself.  One easy way is filling up socks with stuffing from an old pillow and some rocks to weigh it down – if you dont have any high enough socks (that will span the length of the door just sew two together). Another easy soltion is cutting up your pool noodles (you know, the foam ones that your kids like to fight with in the pool) – you can cut out a groove down the middle, so it slides right under the door and will create a barrier on either side of the door.  The simplest – albeit the least attractive way – would be to roll up a towel and sit in on the interior side of the door.

Now to tackle windows. The most common solution is the “plastic wrap” – the plastic that can be shrink wrapped to the inside of your windows that is available at most hardware stores. A less common way is using the same concept – but using bubble wrap to cover the inside of your windows.  You can also use the draft stoppers (bought or homemade) similar to what you would use on a door on the sill of your window – the draft usually seeps in around the edges of the windows. You can also hang towels or blankets on exisiting curtain rods (replace your sheers with the thicker fabric to create a barrier).  More permanent (and expensive) solutions would be to invest in insulating curtains, or shades, that will help to lower your heating and cooling bills all year round.