What A View


A lot of our customers come in from downtown Boston and have great views. The only downside to having such a great view in your bedroom, is that when summer rolls around you have a lot of sunlight, and you have a lot of sunlight very early in the morning. But a lot of time, in high rise building you don’t need too much privacy during the day.


There are a lot of solutions. Blinds or shades will work, but in this case, shades are usually the best option. A shade operates simply by raising and lowering a single piece of material. So in this case, you can lower the shade right before you fall asleep, and raise it back up the morning. Most popular are roller and cellular shades, not only because of how easy they are to use, but how tightly they close up during the day when you want the view out of your window.


Depending on what kind of sleeper you are, you can cover the window with a blackout shade or a light filtering shade. Blackout will block out all of the light, and make the room cave dark to sleep in. Light filtering will cut down on some of the glare, so that when you open your eyes in the morning you know whether or not its time to get up.


And our suggestion – keep it simple. You are just getting this window covering to serve a purpose. You don’t need it to be decorative, because you have a gorgeous view! Generally if you match to the frame around your window your shade will disappear during the day when you don’t want to see it. Happy sleeping!