By: Brenna

I decided it was time to clean and organize my husbands dusty and cluttered office. Since there is a good amount of wood paneling in the room, it is constantly dark. I always try to keep our vertical blinds tilted open for natural light.

Although from continuous use, the vinyl verticals we have up have cracked; some have even fallen completely from the wall. Since I have always thought the cream colored verticals looked cheap and out of place, I decided to take them down for good.
I really wanted to compliment the rich wood wainscoting which runs floor to mid-wall all around the room. Any type of verticals were out of the question, but I still wanted to be able to tilt the blinds.

After visiting my local showroom, I fell in love with wooden HORIZONTAL blinds. They could be mounted inside my window frames for a finished and clean look, which would display our traditional window molding. Luckily I was able to match my wainscoting stain color; a pecan, which allowed me to bring deep colors and interest up to the windows. Before, the cream colored plastic verticals washed that area out. The room now looks amazing; rich and clean!