By: Nasim

Growing up I was very fond of the venetian aluminum blinds. Throughout the house we had all white aluminum blinds in every room. I remember growing to hate the look of them as they were everywhere and looked so plain and cheap.

Recently moving into my own apartment I began my search for new window treatments. I told myself I’d avoid any venetian blinds especially aluminums as they were very flimsy and the slats often got bent and would stay bent no matter how hard you tried to smooth them out!

Being that I just recently was able to afford my own place I had a strict budget on what I could spend for window treatments. I began searching; I wanted something with a nice texture to it and the ability to control the light coming in while keeping privacy.

I entered a showroom and viewed a couple of options, the shades were very nice but they were either up or down there was no option of being able to have just a little bit of light showing through. Then there were shades that let in lots of light while even being down, but the privacy was nonexistent.

I opted to look at blinds, a lot of beautiful faux wood and real wood blinds but there was no texture that stuck out to me, only the wood grain look. These wouldn’t match with my retro furniture and paint colors. I saw a couple of blinds with these really funky textures; I really loved the colors and found an awesome beige and pearl colored blind with textures throughout it that would match my room perfectly!

A little further examination and I realized, oh no, that’s right…they were aluminum. I expressed my concerns about the slats being flimsy and how I feared that I’d be investing into something that I’d have to once again soon replace. The consultant I was working with began to explain how aluminums are now made with thicker gauges, the one I was particularly looking at was an 8 gauge aluminum, the thickest slat available in the showroom, they also carried 6 gauge aluminums.

I had no idea that there was a choice, I was so used to the standard that you buy off the shelf. Touching the slats I quickly noticed the difference between the ones I was use to growing up with. They matched perfectly to my paint so I went for it. It didn’t take long to realize my thoughts on the aluminums were definitely outdated! It’s amazing what new innovations they have in 2012 on some classic old school products!