Decoration in itself is one of the most fascinating, diverse and creative fields; whether it’s decorating a temporary apartment or a remote family lodge. However, as engrossing as it may be, it often seems over complicated. Few people are the lucky ones to end up with the very specific and eclectic design they had in mind; instead, they often end up with a mess! Fortunately, this is where The Sisterhood comes into play! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you achieve your dream decor:

The Odd Rule
Whether it’s the thousands of options in paint colors causing you to not be able to make up your mind; or the 10 adorable ceramic vases you bought of because of a BOGO sale, it is easy to go over the top and feel overwhelmed. When sticking by the rule of three, this whole puzzle will turn into a breeze. In order to keep the rooms luminous, we recommend to keep it bright; 2 light colors for 1 dark hue in order to make the room appear larger. As for accessories, always keeping 3 of each could seems repetitive. In order to keep the aesthetic flowing, it is important to stick by an odd number of objects; 3 vases, a bouquet of 5 flowers, 7 throws cushions, 1 carpet in the hallway, etc.


Bigger, Bolder, Better
Most of the time, mirrors are sadly not used to their full potential. Instead of the over used bust height, go for a full length glass mirror! Situated at the end of the hallway, it will gives the illusion of a longer passage and will also helps brighten up the room when placed on the opposite wall to a window. Using more organic and unique shapes opposed to more classic ones will help accentuate the cachet of any fireplace or add a touch of fantasy to an otherwise plain wall without adding more textures to the room(s), making it less busy feeling as well.

Simplicity: The Ultimate Sophistication
These days, the tendency is to go with minimalism. Less is more. This is why the past tips are important to keep in mind. Nevertheless, different decors prove to have different needs when it comes to window treatments. Those opting for a more modern approach will be daring and choose a more colorful and ornate fabrics for a roman shade or roller shade without any curtains to steal the show from these wallpaper-like window  coverings. On the other hand, for a more classical and tame vibe, a plain monochrome shade paired with light curtains on each side will help achieve a more deconstructed and easy-on-the-eye look.
Regardless of wether you follow these tricks or not, remember to take your next decoration project without any pressure. Take your time and in the end, it’s only a matter of time before the next tendency has your heart fluttering with excitement to try it yourself!