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General Inspiration Tips and Advice

Dining Room Decorating

Out of all of the rooms in the house, the dining room often poses the biggest dilemma in decorating. Being that it is usually a very functional room, with not a lot of furniture – other than the obvious table and chairs, it makes it harder to decorate. One of the major problems is the fear of overdoing an otherwise simple space, and another major concern is over decorating a room that you are using on a regular basis – for example table decorations may look great but if you have to move them every night when you serve dinner it is not very practical. To help, we’ve come up with a few simple things you can use in a dining room to make it your own.

  • Create an accent wall. Take this concept further than just the paint color. Bring in some bold decorative pieces that define your style. Whether it’s a piece of artwork that you love, an oversized clock, a big mirror, or wooden lettering, go with something bold. You can also make an accent by adding some floating shelfs – display some plates or glasses, small plants, or even something as simple as candles.
  • Add a decorative sideboard. A sideboard is a small piece of furniture that is put against the wall and generally used to store plates and glasses. It is reminiscent of the hutches that a lot people use to have in their dining rooms, but a much simpler, smaller piece. The great part of adding a sideboard is that you can use the top of it to decorate the same as you would your table – but without having to clear it off in time for dinner! Adding seasonal décor, plants, and colorful accents will instantly dress up the space.
  • Use an area rug. Using an area rug in the dining room in an easy way to bring a softer element into the room. You can go as bold or subtle as you like, but keep in mind that it is one of the few fabrics you have in the room, so you can allow yourself to go with more pattern than you might in another room.
  • Window treatments. Again, this is a great room to go bold with fabrics. You can bring in patterns that are easy to change out with panels, or you can find something you love to commit to in more permanent window treatments like roman or pleated shades.

Happy decorating!

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Blinds Products Shades Tips and Advice Window Basics

We Make It Easy!

Have you ever shopped for blinds or shades before? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve found a great place to start! At Blinds To Go, our Design Consultants live by our motto: “We Make It Easy!”

Your first decision would be deciding whether or not you would like blinds or shades better for your window. What’s the difference, you ask? Our real wood Laredo 2″ and aluminum Softlook 8 Designer are two examples of blinds. Simply put, they’re made out of horizontal slats in which you can tilt open and closed to adjust the light. Some of our shade styles include Harmony or Motif. Shades are generally a window covering made of fabric. This fabric can be light filtering, room darkening or blackout. To make this decision, we would ask you, “how do you want to control or block out the light?”

Secondly, a major factor that everyone must adhere to, is budget! Blinds To Go has the largest selection of blinds and shades under one roof, so we have something for everyone in every price range! From small vinyl mini blinds to lavish and decorative Harmony shades; we have something that will surely go hand in hand with your budget AND your home!

Your third decision would most likely be based on style and color. A safe option that many Blinds To Go customers choose is a classic white. Some customers do choose to go the bolder route and go with a bright color or bold pattern. We have white and color/prints alike available in every blind or shade option. As you can probably tell, you will have a lot to choose from, but that first initial question will narrow it down. To further help you decide, we’d ask which one you’re more comfortable with and which would help your home feel more like “home”.

After those primary choices are made, the rest of the pieces just fall into place. When you shop at Blinds To Go, our Design Consultants are here for you every step of the way to ‘Make It Easy’. Investing in window coverings can finish your home off with just the right touch. So let us ask you one last question… Do you know where you’ll be designing your window treatments?? Here’s a hint… WE MAKE IT EASY!

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Natural Woven Wood Shade in Dining Room Products Shades Tips and Advice

Natural Shades

When designing a room, one must never neglect the windows. Windows are a staple in every household. It’s a simple hole in a wall that allows natural light to come in and brighten your home the NATURAL way. And what better way to keep your space as “natural” as possible, but to use Naturally Woven or Natural looking shades!

These shades come in all types of colors, textures, and patterns. The first, and most well-known, are the Natural Woven Wood Shades. They look and operate like a Roman shade does, but give off almost a tropical vibe. They are certainly a statement piece to any room decor. The great thing about these types of shades as well is that they can be as light filtering or room darkening as you’d like. A Woven Wood shade is typically made of bamboo, grasses or small pieces of wood, allowing light to pass through while still giving you some privacy, although minimal with no liner. This is why using a light filtering liner is a good option, because you can still get natural light but also maintain complete privacy. You can also opt to go with a complete blackout liner so you can use these unique shades in a bedroom or home theater space! 

There are also Naturally Inspired Roller Shades, which are actually fabric made to look like a natural woven wood. These are great if you need something a bit easier to clean or maintain. The fabric is generally treated and a bit more stiff so it won’t collect dust like woven wood shades can. If you want that natural look but are on a budget, this is a great option as well. The natural looking fabrics are sometimes as much as half the cost of the woven wood shades since those typically use the bamboo which can get more costly. Most of the naturally inspired fabric shades are light filtering, so it is important to always check how the shade will look in your household and to ensure you will get the amount of light and privacy you require.

The best news is that regardless of which shade you decided to choose for your space, your windows will look like a million bucks and everyone will be asking you about where you got them and maybe even if you can come decorate their house too! 

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Faux wood blinds setup in this gorgeous bathroom. Inspiration Products Tips and Advice Window Basics

Window Dressing

Humidity Resistant Blinds

Thinking of dressing up  your bare bathroom windows? worried about mildew  and warping with your blinds? Well let me tell you, a great way to go is with Blinds To Bo. Blinds To Go offers a variety  of humidity resistant blinds like the faux woods or the aluminum venetian blinds. Depending on your preference you’ll have a high percentage of satisfaction.

The faux woods have four different styles to choose from, the Classic, Wood tones, Ideal wood, and Air wood. The Classic is great if you are budget conscious and offers four colors. The Wood tone which is the second prince point on the list, offers a  greater range in whites  for someone for someone who has a tough time matching their white window frames. The third price point which is currently on sale offers a more natural look when it comes to the prints on the slats. The last price point which is my personal favorite is also on sale. The Air wood is great for those who have large windows. The Air comes with a designer valance and a trapezoid. It is the lightest out of all the blinds, ideal for those who likes to raise their blinds on a regular basis.

Feeling bold and looking for bright colors to match those tiles or that shower curtain? looking for an industrial look? The Softlook 6 and 8 blinds can’t be pass up. With a small head rail and easy pop in brackets they are sure to fit within your shallow frame. Whether you are a left handed or can only  reach that right corner of the window, the Softlook offers the option of switching up the cordlock and the tilting location. So the next time you think of blind, think Blinds To Go.

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Blinds Inspiration Products Shades Tips and Advice

BTG Blueprint 2.0

borneospice_beauty_001Written by Ashley H.

Just like any other day, your taking time out of your busy morning to watch your favorite show, “The View”. During a commercial break you find yourself watching a Blinds to Go commercial. Of course you frown to yourself because you have been putting off buying window treatments for entirely too long. You work, have the kids to run around with and of course you just want to relax; but a day goes by, then a week goes by, which leads to months going by. Buying window treatments takes time and decisions. You need help and want to make sure you are getting a fair deal for what you need. Take this commercial as an omen; you need to get in your car and hit Blinds to Go!

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