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Decor For The Common Space

Spring time is the best time for cleaning and redecorating the home. If you are seeing ideas to for revamping your common space that will leave it looking fresh and springy, here are a couple of ideas that will leave you in a great mood.

Keeping things neat.

Keep a brightly colored box or a oversized woven basket that goes well with the spring theme in the common area to hold your everyday used items, such as a remote, magazines, or keys. That way everything will stay clutter free and tidy.


While we are still in the common area, why not bring some nature into the space, by adding plants. Faux plants works well if you do not want to worry about watering the for the whole season. And to also create a laid back look for the entertainment area between the get togethers with your friends, adding a Mediterranean inspired tray on the coffee with fruit on it, instead of magazines goes well with the spring theme.

Throw pillows

Adding bright colors, such as lemon yellow, lime green, or sky blue colored case on your pillows also goes with the spring theme. And if you want to jazz it up even more, adding cases with zig zags or geometric shapes will go a long way.


Removing your dark and heavy wool carpet you had all winter long with something light and airy is a great way to go. If you don’t like the idea of keeping the carpet, exposing the hardwood floor or tiles is a great way to make the space feel less cluttered.

Window dressing

After all that work you can’t forget about your windows. A great product I would recommend is the Fiji Bamboo- Roman shade to bring the nature material of the outdoors inside.

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Blinds Interior Designers Shades

Quick Easy Decor Tips

Making the switch from harsh Winter to Spring is easy, it’s about shaking off the winter blues and bringing the outdoors to the interior space of the home.

Spring is a time of renewal for both outdoors and indoors. Refresh your living space with these quick decorating ideas that are budget friendly, and don’t require repainting any walls!


Spring is a busy time when mother nature is bringing itself back to life. Mimic the patterns of it indoors with oversized floral, and textured fabrics. Color throw pillows, blankets, and table runners can take on these seasonal patterns.

Table dressing

Switch out the focus of your table from winter candles to a blooming glass centerpiece of fresh apples, pears, or fresh flowers, daisies are a popular choice. Using live flowers is the true touch of spring, using crystals stones emphasizes the airy outdoors, they can be found in a lot of small boutiques.


Rearranging furniture can also reawaken a room. Try a different perspective and discover wall space to inspire your design creativity. You might decide to add a new piece of furniture too to give the room more color. Additional ways to welcome in Spring is with wallpapers, printed rugs and light colored furniture.

Window dressing

Remove the heavy drapes that kept out chilly drafts and expand your view with light, sheer window treatments. A great choice would be a sun weave shade, which are for protecting the furniture from the longer daylight hours.


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Stuck On Grease?

Stuck on Grease
Being in the kitchen can be fun especially when you have a big family that likes to eat and cook yummy food, but the fun ends when everyone leaves and the sink is full with dirty dishes, grease splattered all over the window dressings, and trash over flowing.
The combination of splattered grease and dust can create a hard to remove sticky residue all over the surface of the counters, and floors, but with undiluted vinegar that tough mess can become easier to handle.
If the microwave looks like something may have exploded inside, use the power of steam to soften those hard to remove baked on food particles. One easy formula I  have discovered that works is mixing two cups of water with half a cup baking soda in a large bowl – bring it to a boil in the microwave. Remove carefully and wipe clean with a sponge or paper towel.
If you happen to have grease on your vinyl, mini,  or faux wood blinds use vegetable oil on the hard grease stuck to the slats to loosen it up. If that does not work, you’ll need to remove  the blinds and put them in a bathtub. First fill the bathtub with warm water halfway, and then add soap and baking soda. If your family got food directly splattered onto your blinds (like mine), you might want to spray them with a degreaser, and let them soak for 30 minutes. After just use a sponge and gently wipe each slats off.  Once the grease has been removed simply rinse the blinds with clean water. Once rinsed clean you can either dry them in your backyard or lay them on a towel.


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