The Rise of Cordless

By Steven M.

Blinds and shades have made a giant leap into the 21st century recently with the trend of the cordless option. For decades we have become used to pulled a string or cahin in order to raise our window coverings. In todays modern times of child saftey and clean/sleek looks, cordless is a much sought after option many people look for in todays window treatments. 

Cordless blinds and shades provide many advantages over thier older models of strings and chains. Clean looks and less clutter are something most people are looking for in recent times. Providing a modern look to their home or living space is a common request among consumers. Cordless provides this and much more with the elimination of extra items hanging in your window, and making the process of using the blinds and shades easier, by having less variables in which to make them function.

Child saftey is another issue that the cordless option addresses, by having less items hanging and appealing to small children. No cords to pull and play with means the risk of a blind or shade being completly pulled down and out of the window is essentially gone. A loop cord in which a child could seriously hurt themselves or worse, is also eliminated, and with it a lot of parents worries about what their children are getting into when unsupervised.

Cordless serves multiple purposes wether you want a clean modern look, or young ones who like to explore. Hence why it is one of the most requested options among consumers today.

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The Resimercial Trend

By Gina G.

If you’re new to the resimercial trend, it may, at first seem like a fictional concept.  However, with its growing success, interior designers are utilizing this very real “blended” trend to revitalize shared spaces in corporate offices.  The emergence of resimerical designs stem from an evolving work force wherein diverse groups of employees spend additional time at their offices beyond the traditional eight hour work day.  

The concept includes blending what were two distinct design areas, residential and commerical, together cohesively to create a comfortable and collaborative space wherein employees can congregate and thrive.  It includes deviating from the common white (and often sterile feel) of traditional office spaces to introducing softer, cozier residential elements. Resimericial designs seek to create clean, efficient and organized common areas that are also relaxing and inviting.  

Although there is by no means a uniform approach to achieve this, there are some common elements to creating a resimerical office space.  Having a more open floor plan instead of divisional work spaces is one element. Utilizing wood as common material in your space is another.  It brings a more rustic and homier feel to a space as opposed to the traditional use of metals and plastics in office spaces. Darker-colored hardwood floors, tables, and chairs can also contribute to the design and bring contrast.

The goal is to incorporate residential decor, yet creating true resimerical spaces are a bit more involved than just transplanting home decor to the office.  Vibrant area rugs and brightly colored throw pillows are often present in resimerical spaces to contrast the typical white office walls. Modern multi-person seating with soft cushioning encourages collaboration and gathering.  The seating furniture in resimerical designs should also be comprised of durable materials since it will need to survive consistent use (beyond that of a home) yet be comfortable. Finally, including bold or textured art work and large potted plants can contribute to your resimercial design.

Rollers as Resimercial Essentials       

The successful in implementation of resimercial design to your office space means you probably have a collaborative, open space with plenty of natural lighting, comfortable seating, and vibrant bright colors.  It is probably a space that is both professianal and cozy. However, to ensure that people enjoy spending time in this space without feeling like fish in a fish bowl, you’ll probably need to make a decision regarding covering the windows.  If your space requires privacy, you’ll need to address that without darkening or closing in the space. In the event that you do not require privacy, you may still want to soften the effects of the sun so that people can work comfortably on their electronic devices.  Roller shades, with their versatility, present the perfect window treatment solution to any resimercial space.

Traditionally, when covering office windows, aluminum mini blinds or vinyl vertical blinds were the common choices.  These were useful in that they were relatively inexpensive, very durable, and could cover larger windows. However, these blinds contributed to the now old-fashioned sterile and institutional office atmosphere left spaces void of design.  In an effort to soften up office spaces emerged the resimercial design approach.

Roller shades are consistent with this approach in both design and in function. Functionally, roller shades are user friendly as they simply go up and down whether they’re cordless, with a cord, or motorized.  There are no slats to bend, break, or tilt. Most roller shades have valances that cover the hardware and roll. Their seamless design brings a modern, sleek and clean addition to any room. However, it is really the abundance of fabric options that really make roller shades essential to any resimercial design.  If you haven’t added any artwork to the space, perhaps select a bold pattern to cover the window. If you have a lot of design elements already in the space, a simple roller shade in a linen-like fabric may suffice as it will add a little texture and be simple but not plain. Finally, if you’re attempting to keep the view, select a sun-weave material that will reduce sun glare but still be sheer.  They are available in wide range of colors and prints and contribute to the openness of the resimercial space.

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Modern Kitchen Trends DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

One Room at a time: Kitchen Trends

Same as in the previous rooms, there are a lot of new trends appearing throughout 2017. We’ve compiled a list to help make your updating a little easier this year.
– Gray is still the neutral tone to stick too. This is a great color to use because, as a neutral, it is always easy to update. Because it is so popular, you can bring in gray from your walls to flooring, cabinets, countertops, or even simple accessories.
– Black accents are key. Makes sense, what goes better with gray than black? Black pieces are popping up throughout the home décor industry but have become increasingly popular in tiles, appliances, and accessories. Just keep in mind, depending on how big your space is that black can really make a room feel smaller – so don’t overdo a good thing.
– Greenery is still the color of the year. Don’t hesitate to use it in your kitchen as well! The best way to use this in the kitchen is by updating something old and making it new again with a coat of paint. Go bold and paint over your table or chairs, or keep it simple and paint some plant holders, or vases. If you want something that is even less committal – change up a valance or window treatment, that you can get rid of when you get bored of it!
– Copper accessories are becoming more popular. Taking over popularity from the brushed nickel accents of the last few years, copper accessories add a modern flair to a room. It can be something as simple as displaying the new copper cookware you got as a gift or changing out some handles and knobs to copper.
– Clean and clutter free. As a room you spend a lot of time in, it is always nice to have the countertops remain clean and keep clutter to a minimum. In order to help, really utilizing your drawer and cabinet space is key. There are a lot of new organization units that can be installed to make the most out of the space you have – as much or as little as there may be.
Keep in mind, you can’t tackle every project every year. So whether it’s a facelift your kitchen needs, or a functional update – try to pick one project and make the most of it!

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Bathroom Decor General Inspiration Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Bathroom Trends

As we discussed in bedroom trends, there are also a variety of new trends for bathrooms in 2017, although a lot of trends from 2016 seem to be repeating again this year. Which is great news if you just remodeled last year! If not, we have gathered a variety of the trends to share with you.
– Bring the feel of nature into your bathroom. You can keep it simple and bring some plants into the room – not only to provide a look but it is good for the air in the room! Also gaining popularity is bringing a wood look into the room, either through a “wood look” tile floor or through a natural wood vanity. One of the more popular trends this year is using a stone tile, most often on the shower floor, or as an accent in any tile throughout the room.
– Add some drama to the room. The most common way is through tiles, which has really expanded recently with bolder patterns and colors. Adding glass accents can also add a dramatic look, whether through shower doors, or even tiles. Metallic accents are also back this year (a change from the more matted styles that had become popular in recent years) and can be added fairly easily through basic bathroom accessories, or even by replacing something as simple as toilet paper/towel holders.
– Stick with neutrals. Gray remains the most popular color to use throughout your decorating, but some pale pastels are joining as new neutrals as well. Don’t mistake pastels for Easter egg colors, rather than whites with a hint of color added to give some warmth to the space.some pale pastels are joining as new neutrals as well. Don’t mistake pastels for Easter egg colors, rather than whites with a hint of color added to give some warmth to the space.
– Making the shower the statement of the room. Showers with glass walls, and large bold tiles. They are often accented with smaller glass tiles, either in a small border or to separate a storage area (soap, shampoo, etc). Adding large metallic fixtures as well give the shower a very high end finish.
Although a lot of the trends for this year are on the more expensive side, if you are looking for a simple update, or a less expensive change, you can always pull some inspiration from these styles. Keep in mind you can only do so many updates a year, and maybe 2017 isn’t the year for your bathroom.

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Heritage | Pattern | Roller Shade General Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Bringing Patterns Back

2017 has brought back an old trend, but it comes with a very new look. Twenty to thirty years ago, patterns were everywhere. Not only on your walls, your curtains, your bedding, even your carpet had bold, vibrant patterns. Many of which were different floral prints, some paisleys, even plaids were popular, but each had one thing in common, a lot of color. As the trends began to pull décor away from patterns, wallpaper became a thing of the past, and “clean lines” with a modern feel became all of the rage in decorating.

Well, here we are in 2017, and once again an old style is coming full circle. We begin to see hints of pattern appearing over the last few years, this years trend appears to have pattern back in full force. There are some differences of course from what some may call your “grandmother’s” style. The major difference, is the patterns, while bold, tend to have fewer colors. You may have a white background with a bold chevron print in a single color, or a blue background with a green paisley, or even a navy background with a white nautical print. Also, it is more common to stay away from mixing the patterns, sticking to either a patterned area rug, or a patterned chair, but perhaps not both in the same room.

The great thing about this style is it is easy to make a big impact on the design of the room, with one or two accent pieces. Window coverings are often a great way to make a statement being that they are illuminated during the day when the sunlight shines through, and your eye is drawn to them. If you are going for a simple look, shades are now available in bold patterns. Both roman shades and roller shades now come in a wide variety of patterns, and range from the neutral tones – the beiges and the grays, to the bolder – royal blues, oranges, and fuchsia. The simplicity of a roller shade allows you to bring in a pop of color without being too decorative, and on the other hand, a roman shade would provide a statement piece for the windows, really drawing attention.

If you are a little hesitant to jump right into hard window treatments, pairing your neutral blinds or shades with a bold curtain or drape can allow you a little more flexibility to change colors. With curtains, there is a huge variety, ranging again in patterns, lengths, and designs that you can find to fit any room or window. At the end of the day, just remember, 2017 is a new year and a good opportunity to add some patterns into your rooms to see what fits your style the best.

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DIY Inspiration Products Tips and Advice

Design Trends: Prediction 2016

Design Trends: Prediction 2016

While it’s far too early in the year to determine all of the design trends of the year so far, there are a lot of predictions circulating around the Internet. For starters, a more is less, simpler is better seems to be a common trend.  It seems the color palette for home decor is staying within the neutrals, and the theme of using metals as accent colors seems to be inevitable.

As far as wall colors, 2016 is looking pretty neutral.  Although there are greys predicted, they are more muted versions than last year.  The palette consists of off whites with both a beige and grey tint to them, and some cooler versions of both the grey’s and beige’s.  In terms of accent colors, trend seems to be moving a little further from the greys, and more to bold statement colors including vibrant blues, pinks, and greens – but again just as accent colors not as entire rooms.

As far as furniture, natural woods definitely seem to be this years style thus far.  But in a change from the last few years, some lighter color woods are making a comeback.  Bamboo tones are also predicted to become more popular this year following the trend of going “green” being bamboo grows more quickly than most other woods.  Dark woods appear to be more accent furniture pieces this year as opposed to being the most predominant color of years past.

In terms of decorative elements, metals and textured pieces seem to be sticking around for another year.  This style allows you to bring in decoration without introducing new colors into your room, as most of them fall into a natural color scheme as well.

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DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

Bathroom Trends of 2016

Bathroom Trends of 2016

One of the easiest rooms to update and fix up is the bathroom.  Not only is it often the smallest space to redecorate – but it is usually simple, so one small update can go a long way.

To get on trend, update your hardware.  An easy fix, as most knobs and handles are removed with screws and a screwdriver.  Getting rid of a shiny silver or gold handle can instantly update an outdated space.  The newest trend in accessories is oil rubbed bronze, or brush nickel, which give a high end look compared to previously popular and shinier accessories.

Another great trend to update is your light fixtures. While not as simple as a switch as the hardware, most light fixtures can easily be changed out to update the look of the room.  The newest style is going bold with the light fixture, whether is be bold in color or style, make sure that it pops.  Hand blown glass globes are becoming more popular, and allow you to bring in some different colors without overpowering the room.  A lot of metal fixtures are also being used that are in the bronze and nickel families.

Pops of color which are gaining popularity throughout all home decor is an easy fix in a bathroom.  You can change out towels, rugs, or shower curtains, and make a huge impact. Bring in the color through plants and flowers as well that always pair well in a bathroom setting. Magenta’s, teals, and bold shades of greens are all popular among bathroom decor.

If you want to invest a little more into your bathroom, one of the newest trends is installing permanent, wireless, blue tooth speakers in your shower.  Just in case you get bored in the shower, you have built in entertainment!

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Inspiration Tips and Advice

5 Trends for 2016

#1 – Black Stainless Steel

The most popular appliance colors seem to change every few years. Now, it looks like polished stainless steel is on it’s way out. Instead of gleaming silver appliances, it looked like that sleek stainless steel is the trend of the near future.

#2 – Formal Dining Rooms

We are beyong ready for a sit-down family meal to make a comeback and thankfully, that most homeowners are opting to keep their formal dining rooms insteal of converting them into media rooms or offices.

#3 – Mismatched Cabinets

While there’s nothing wrong with an all-white kitchen, there’s something extra special about going bold and a little color or texture to the space. I suggest taking a risk and pairing two different cabinet styles together, and the results may turn out pretty amazing.

#4 – Heated Entryway Floors

Usually when people think of heated floors, bathrooms are the only room that comes to mind. But bringing that idea into the entry way is brilliant, especially during winter. Picture it in your mind, coming inside with snowy boots and onto a nice toasty floor.

#5 – Statement Bathroom mirrors

A plain rectangular mirror definitely gets the job done. But, I read somewhere that 2016 will be the year of the “statement mirror,” which come in odd shapes, like octagons, but it gives off a funky and different look to it.


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DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

Copper and Pink Trends

 Copper & Pink Trends

Baby pink walls soften the industrial feel of my best friends bedroom in her newly renovated New York City loft. I visited her after Christmas break and it looked amazing. It was cute, fun, and romantic looking. She even had small touches of copper and pink furniture. Her bed frame was like an old antique copper frame (except it was brand new). Her kitchen was bright white cabinets, counter-tops, her island in the middle was also all bright white. She added copper pendants for her lights that were hanging down. Her appliances, however, were baby pink. It looked like it was a Pinterest inspired decor. I don’t know if she’ll ever get sick of them, though. It was super cute! Since copper played like a neutral color; it can be combined with a bunch of color combinations, like a playful living space in bright candy hues. The copper-pink craze is also unbelievably chic in the bathroom. I couldn’t really tell if the tiles in the bathroom were pink, or just exuding a pink hue by reflection, it was so nice seeing how the baby pink tiles meshed beautifully with the copper pipes and hardware. It was like showering in a fairytale bathroom. I was in the middle of  Manhattan, so I didn’t really expect less. Her newly renovated loft overlooking New York City was basically heaven. One could only dream to have a place like she did.

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