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Lighten Up Your Summer Decor

With summer here, I usually like to plan on making some changes to my decor to go along with the warmer weather. I’ve compiled some decorating ideas that can lighten your look and your mood for the summer months.
Take down those heavy drapes and let the light brighten up your room. Instead use a delicate sheer shade or sheer panels, they can still give some privacy while letting light filter through. It’s a great feeling both mentally and visually when you see sheer fabric blow in the breeze on a warm summer day. Sheer shades are ideal with gentle, filtering light through transparent panels to create a soft glow that lends itself well to soften a bedroom and creates an even more inviting space.
Personally, I am drawn to spa like bedrooms; fluffy white bed linens, a myriad of textures, multiple pillows and throws and a downy carpet underfoot. White or soft grey sheer shades, which you could purchase in either light filtering or room darkening, are just the treatment to flawlessly finish a getaway bedroom. It would be easy to eliminate these as an option based on the name alone, but don’t be misled. The functionality of these shades makes them an ideal candidate for living, dining and bedrooms.
Their ability to function as both a blind and a shade is useful for allowing just the perfect amount of light for varied environments and situations. Drop the shades and close the fabric to ensure a darkened room for movie night or bask in the distilled rays as the sun filters through the open sheer fabric. These shades are also lighter in weight and more pliable making them easier to tilt, raise, and lower. This also allows them to share the functionality of a roller shade, increasing ease of use of a roll up feature and decreasing the bulky stack that occurs with horizontal blinds.
Sheer shades are near perfection in their design which makes them an ideal choice for almost any room in the home. Whether you’re prone to home function or fashion (or maybe even both) sheer shades are designed to impress and are truly a show stopping, unique window treatment. Surely but sheerly wonderful.
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Letting the Light Shine, not Blind

By Gina G.

Letting the Light Shine, Not Blind

Allowing natural light to enter a room, rather than simply relying on artificial lighting, can be a delightful addition to any room.  Often times, accomplishing this can seem difficult to do with window treatments because most times people require privacy and can confuse getting privacy with darkening the room.  Light-filtering options, like most fabric shades (whether roller, roman or pleated) can give you both privacy and natural lighting.  However, if you have a space that has a more relaxed, earthy, and natural vibe, bamboo shades or even sunweaves might be worth considering.

Bamboo shades, with their natural wooden chutes and grasses, can be a great addition to any room.  They certainly can dress up or down any window in the home depending on what the space requires.  And, what’s more, most of them are light filtering and sometimes even sheer.   They bring a natural décor and allow natural light to enter the room.   A lot of bamboo or woven wood shades are offered with liner choices so that if you do have a space, like a bedroom, where letting the light come in may not be preferred, you can block it. However, in most cases, they are used to allow light without the unwanted glare.

Sunweaves, or solar shades, are also great options for spaces with a natural décor.  They come in such a wide range of colors, designs, and textures that are sure to fit any room.  These shades are special because they are sheer treatments that allow natural light to shine through while blocking harsh sun rays.  Both sunweaves and bamboo shades are great natural looking additions to the home that can allow natural lighting to enter a space while either providing privacy or protecting against harsh sun rays.

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