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Tips and Advice

Naughty or Nice, Sugar and Spice Children’s Holiday Rooms

By: Meghan

Parents, want to make your child’s room or play room extra special this holiday season? Want to add decor- yes decor! as decor is the first step of DECORation- that will make the room cheerful and bright? Of course you do! You’ve already got tinsel, mini trees, garland, twinkle lights, personal menorahs, dreidel, but lets step it up further (and avoid clutter in small rooms or even potential fire hazards!) Themed rugs and bed spreads or furniture covers are great but the windows need something.

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Installation Products Tips and Advice

Versatility of cellular shades

By: Dominic

Cellular shades make for a great product for a home owner/renter who is interested in doing a whole house with one type of product for their window treatments. When shopping for blinds many people can become overwhelmed with all the different styles of blinds and shades. Trying to pick different styles and colors for particular rooms can be time consuming and difficult. The versatility of cellular shades is perfect for this type of home owner.

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