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prevent fraying from bamboo shades

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Paradise in Your Home

By: Nariah K.


It’s getting warmer and warmer by the day, so it’s time to get the family together and migrate to your family beach house. Before you do that, you have some decorating to do. What better way to dress up your beach house by putting some new shades up, such as woven woods? Woven woods are the perfect accessories for your window and can make your home feel comfortable and cozy just like the beach. These shades would fit perfect for homes with natural, earthy, or tropical decor. No one woven wood looks the same, each specific shade has it’s own look,├é┬ámaking the woven woods the most unique shades we have.

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Tips and Advice

Bind away fray!

By: Nasim

After looking through a couple of design magazines I really liked the open area rooms with the earthy looks. I noticed that all the rooms had bamboo shades hanging in them. The room I was planning on redecorating doesn’t get much light. The shades I planned on putting into the room were definitely going to have to be durable enough to handle a lot of usage. I often raise the blinds in the room just because I like the amount off light shining through.

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