Outdoor Space Décor

By Gina G.

          Whether a screened in porch, a condo balcony, or small patio deck, outdoor spaces can provide a relaxing space to unwind and enjoy the weather.  However, because these spaces require considerations that inside the home do not, decorating them can seem overwhelming.  Here are some tips that will have your outdoor space looking top notch in no time:

Furniture is an essential element to creating an enjoyable outdoor space.  Before purchasing any seating or tables, take measurements of your space.  This will provide tremendous assistance in choosing what type of furniture.  For instance, if you have a condo balcony, you may not have the space for a full loveseat or table.  Instead, a café style table and chairs may be more appropriate.  Conversely, if you have a sizeable screened in porch, a full patio set complete with side tables, love seats and oversized chairs may fill in the space nicely.  And, for a small patio deck, you may consider more creative furnishings such as a hammock.  Be sure to find furniture made from materials (like wicker and vinyl) that will hold up in various weather and that can be easily cleaned if need be.

Another consideration is how to manage your exposure to the elements when enjoying your outdoor space.  Whether you are reading or enjoying a cold beverage, the sun can impact your comfort level.  If you have windows with glass in your space, consider tinting the windows.  More commonly though, these outdoor spaces are just screened in without any glass or actual windows.  If this is your situation, consider sunweaves or solar shades for your porch.  They will reduce sunlight without blocking your view.  They also come on simple roller shades and can easily fit under roofing structure.  Although some of them may require you to roll them up when it is raining or extremely windy, most are made of materials that can withstand exposure to moisture.  Basic awnings that can easily be affixed (and removed from) a wall are another option for small patios or balconies.  Finally, beware of wooden or metallic materials to help reduce the sunlight; these materials do not hold up well outside the home.

Other décor ideas for outdoor spaces include adding plants, lights, wind chimes and bird boxes.  Adding plants can really spruce up an outdoor space.  If you have a smaller space like a balcony or deck, consider hanging plants over potted ones in order to best utilize your limited space.  However, if you have a larger room, than potted plants can be beautiful additions.  Hanging lights, whether on vines or independent bulbs, can be away to brighten up your space for those lovely summer and fall evenings.

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Porch Decor

Porch Decor

When most people think of fall, the first thing to pop in their minds is pumpkin.  Of course, you can now get all of your favorite treats and drinks in pumpkin, but at the heart of the season is all things orange, red, and yellow that are found in nature.  Of course there are lots of fun tips for decorating indoors, but it’s also fun to decorate outside (why save all the outdoor decorating until Christmas). Even better, there are lots of fun, easy ways to decorate and get the whole family involved.

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Ocean View

As a quiet place for introspection, a porch can carry people away to another time and place. Coastal blues and greens from cozy pillows to a graphic rug create a lively color scheme for this porch.  Although the water view is in front of you as you relax on the porch, don’t neglect the wall behind you. Perk it up with a fresh coat of paint the same hue as the rest of the house or shade that contrast with it and matches with sun weaves shades. Sun weaves will be perfect option that allows you to still enjoy your view all while protecting you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Two oversize hanging swings offer a scenic spot for an afternoon nap. Give your beach porch a jolt of color and spice with tropical décor. Keep wooden surfaces a rustic, beach- weathered gray and add brightly painted buckets of flowers for visual pop. String party lights or Chinese paper lanterns above for contrasting colors and patterns. Objects in your landscaping can affect the overall theme more than almost anything else. Garden bed borders filled with small or crushed seashells and a path made of rounded, small stones hint at the coastal concept. Using large features could include a small, old, wooden boat used as a planting bed, a water feature, or a white or weathered picket fence. Plants are the most important in a beach theme porch. Adding any kind of palm like plant increases the illusion.

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Meditating the Days Away

By: Aishaprestige double white

I recently purchased a new home. The most important feature of it is my sun room. It is a place I frequent often, because it makes a great meditation spot. Its a place in which I can relax and center myself, but the issue is as summer approaches it gets very bright and extremely hot. It gets to the point I can no longer comfortably enjoy the room. I thought to rectify this by purchasing some blinds.

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River View

By: Karen5.0.2

Summer’s almost here! That means time for going outside, swimming, and boating! The best part is, the view of the back of my house is of the river, so I get to see all of my neighbors, and all of the activity on the river.  The only problem, is that, for the last four years, I’ve told myself I need to get some blinds, because once summer rolls around, my life is on display to the neighborhood!

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Summer’s Almost Here!

 By: KarenWV-trinidad_cocoa

As summer rolls around, its time to get our three season porch ready.  We barely use it the rest of the year, but during the summer months we are out there all the time.  We have a pool out back, and a great backyard for hanging out and enjoying the weather.  But, as anyone knows who has a pool or lives near water, once the sun goes down, the bugs come out, so we like spending a lot of time in the evenings on the porch. 

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Room With A View

By: Brenna



I have recently put a grand addition onto the back of my house, which faces a beautiful lake.  It is a raised sun room overlooking the docks and water. We decided to add the addition because it is such a gorgeous view that we have out the back, we wanted to be able to really have a good look at it.  So we built an expansive room with floor to ceiling windows, which provide us with the best views of the lake.  Unfortunately, what these windows don’t give us is privacy or total insulation. And with the lake area being so wide and open, all the surrounding homes can see us up in the sun room.

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No More Ugly White Verticals…

By: Karen


When we originally built our sunroom 5 years ago, we spent a lot of money building and landscaping around the area in the backyard. We bought some great furniture, and then realized how over budget we were on the project.  And we hadn’t bought blinds to cover the six sliding doors yet.

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Sunweave Panel track for the Sun Room


By: Dominic


I have a sun room off to the side of my house which is fully enclosed with a slider in the back. The slider is fairly large and takes up almost ten feet of the back wall. The slider has three panes, the two outside panes are stationary and the middle is the one that operates the door. I have no neighbors on that side of the house and I live on a dead end street but the sun comes in very strong and I was afraid that the sun rays would damage the floor and furniture that I put in that room. I had heard of sunweave shades from my brother. A sunweave shade is a screen like material that is used to cover the window. The function on the material is to block the UV rays from the sun but the material is also see through and allows the light to penetrate through and not lose your view. So I figured that they would be a good fit for me. I decided to look into covering up my slider with something like that.
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