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The Power of a Grey Kitchen

Neutral color palettes like white, tan and beige have long held their top spots as the most popular kitchen hues. However, the use of sleek, sophisticated grey color schemes is soaring. When it comes to a kitchen design, grey is making its mark as the new must have essential color. Grey is both modern and edgy while remaining timeless and classic. So, it comes to no surprise that grey is quickly becoming the contemporary neutral of our time. As a refreshing take on neutral, grey can be the perfect choice because of its wide range of warm and cool shades. It suits just about every room, every mood, and every setting. The versatile of grey makes it perfectly suited for kitchens. It provides a relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth to your space, giving you the best of both worlds. Grey presents itself as a fitting backdrop to any style from classic to modern and even traditional. All furniture styles and all ranges of bright colors pair delightfully with this modern neutral. Unlike beige or tan, it contrasts well with wood tones, making it the ideal companion for wood floors. If you can’t decide which color to go with, combining both grey and white cabinets give you the best of both worlds. It’s also a great way to add interest to your kitchen while breaking things up. You can also reverse the colors by doing grey as the cabinets and white for the kitchen walls. The look of grey cabinets build anticipation for other aspects of the kitchen. You can not wait to see the countertop, the floor, the backsplash and so on. In a way grey allows other elements of the kitchen décor to stand out. Instead of boring, grey actually makes the kitchen more exciting.

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Cascade Sheer Shade in a dining room setting. General Inspiration Interior Designers Products Shades Tips and Advice

Sheer Shades You Will Love

Sheer shades are those resplendent blinds that are also a shade. They gently filter light through transparent panels to create a natural glow. Once considered a designers’ secret, sheer shades are now available to the modern design enthusiast in an array of neutral colors and textures.  It’s easy, when you’re immersed in the world of design, to forget that the majority of consumers don’t have access to the pulse of the market the way those in the industry do. So what are sheer shades? How do you use them and where can you find them?

Sheer shades were designed to function as both a blind and a shade and were diversely different than anything else on the market. Although the basic components of other window treatments were in place, their design and function set them a world apart. Constructed of fabric vanes that float between two sheer panels, they closely resemble a horizontal blind but are uniquely different. Due to their fabric component, they are lighter in weight and more pliable making them easier to tilt, raise, and lower. This allows them to share the functionality of a roller shade, increasing ease of use with a roll up feature and decreasing the bulky stack that occurs with horizontal blinds. Near perfection is their design, making them an ideal choice for almost any room in the home.

Sheer shades provide a clean and chic, modern touch to almost any room, but personally, I recommend them for bedrooms, living/sitting rooms, and sunrooms. The gentle way sun filters through the layered sheer fabric creates a soft glow that lends itself well to softening a bedroom and creates an even more inviting space. I am drawn to spa-like bedrooms, with fluffy white bed linens, a myriad of textures from pillows and throws, and downy carpet underfoot. White or soft grey sheer shades, both light filtering and blackout, are the just the treatment to flawlessly finish a bedroom oasis.

Much can be assumed by a name and sheer shades are no exception. It would be easy to eliminate these beauties as an option based on the name alone, but don’t be misled. The functionality of these shades makes them an ideal candidate for living, dining, and sitting rooms. Their unique ability to function as both a blind and a shade is useful for allowing just the perfect amount of light for varied environments and situations. Drop the shades and close the vanes to ensure a darkened room for movie night, bask in the distilled rays as the sun filters through the open, sheer panels while enjoying a lazy afternoon, or take in an unobstructed date night view by simply closing the vanes and rolling up the shade.

Whether your home is function or fashion, or a bit of both, sheer shades are designed to impress. These shades are truly a show stopping, unique window treatment. Surely, but sheerly wonderful.

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General Tips and Advice

Small Apartment Solutions

Moving into a new space can be both exciting and overwhelming. If this new space happens to be an apartment, then often times the overwhelming part is where to put all your stuff?! We’ve put together a short list of ideas to help make the moving a little easier, and make your space feel even bigger!

  • Make every day furniture serve multiple purposes.
    • Adding open shelving in your kitchen area can be both functional and decorative. Use metal shelves that allow you to add a lot of storage to your space while showing off your things! (It will also help you to stay organized – because it will force you to clean more often!)
    • Use furniture in your living room that provides storage. A lot of coffee tables/ottomans now are designed to have storage space inside – and best of all its hidden so no one will know what you hide in there! For a TV stand, use a bedroom dresser – with drawers or cabinets – most tv equipment takes up very little space these days – so you have an entire cabinet to fill with anything you need space for.
  • Use every bit of space available.
    • Under bed storage is the best idea ever! You can store anything under the bed – and no one will know it’s there. Hide things closer to the wall you don’t need access to as frequently, and put clothes closer to the sides you can get to them easily.
    • If you have an entry way table, use a decorative table cloth – instant storage underneath, and your friends will think you were just decorating!
    • Make the most of your closet space. Add small shelves to store your shoes. Use hooks on the walls – hang purses, belts, scarfs without taking up good real estate in your room.
  • Make sure to decorate accordingly.
    • Hang a mirror on the wall in any room you want to appear bigger. It’s an instant fix to any space.
    • Make sure not to overdo window treatments. Curtains in a space that is too small can take over the room and make it appear smaller. Stick with blinds that can be interior mounted.
    • Keep the wall colors light and neutral. When you want a pop of color use accent pieces.

Remember – it’s home – make it your own!

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Geometric pattern on these patio doors. Shades Tips and Advice

Go Bold or Go Home!

 Let’s cut to the chase. Most people go to their “safe place” when shopping for shades. “Oh my parents had roller shades so I will get them too”.. Why do we do this? it’s because we are afraid to step out of our box and live a little! We see a bold pattern or color and then settle for that simple neutral because we don’t want to take a chance. If we LOVE the color/pattern, and have to live with it long term; let’s step out of our comfort zones!
One of the best ways to begin stepping out of your comfort zone is with Roller Shades. These window coverings have come a LONG way since your Grandmothers’ thin, vinyl, snap-up roller shades. Roller shades are now offered with bright bold patterns made with a tightly woven polyester or cotton fabric. You can still go the neutral route if you choose but go for a textured neutral or a grey instead of a white or beige. The options are literally endless!
So why do we settle for the “plain jane” look when we have all of these wonderful options?! It’s time to let loose and go for that bright bold pattern! Make a statement with your window coverings and you’re sure to please anyone who comes to visit.
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DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

Copper and Pink Trends

 Copper & Pink Trends

Baby pink walls soften the industrial feel of my best friends bedroom in her newly renovated New York City loft. I visited her after Christmas break and it looked amazing. It was cute, fun, and romantic looking. She even had small touches of copper and pink furniture. Her bed frame was like an old antique copper frame (except it was brand new). Her kitchen was bright white cabinets, counter-tops, her island in the middle was also all bright white. She added copper pendants for her lights that were hanging down. Her appliances, however, were baby pink. It looked like it was a Pinterest inspired decor. I don’t know if she’ll ever get sick of them, though. It was super cute! Since copper played like a neutral color; it can be combined with a bunch of color combinations, like a playful living space in bright candy hues. The copper-pink craze is also unbelievably chic in the bathroom. I couldn’t really tell if the tiles in the bathroom were pink, or just exuding a pink hue by reflection, it was so nice seeing how the baby pink tiles meshed beautifully with the copper pipes and hardware. It was like showering in a fairytale bathroom. I was in the middle of  Manhattan, so I didn’t really expect less. Her newly renovated loft overlooking New York City was basically heaven. One could only dream to have a place like she did.

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Color is SCARY!

Color is SCARY!

Why do we fear color? Th most common reason is we are anticipating change in the future.  If you think you might change, you would want to make sure you aren’t committing yourself to a color scheme. But why does that hold us back? Color can add such life and fun to your home décor and wardrobe. Whether it be accent walls, some bright wash towels in the bathroom, or some funky bright jewelry. If you are one of those people who fear color, take a risk! Color can have more impact on your everyday life than you would expect. So instead of thinking of color as a commitment issue, think of it as a way to add more spunk and happiness to your life. Here are some facts what will happen when you add color to any room or wardrobe this summer.

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Blinds Inspiration Products Shades Tips and Advice

Think Spring!

By Sami E.

Winters can be dull, cold, and grey. As the weather starts to warm, nothing can bring the spring vibe into your home like some bright, natural colours. New window treatments can be a great way to ditch those winter blues and get ready for warmer weather. A little green in your room can brighten up your space and give you a vibrant decor. As the trees begin to bloom fully, so too can your living space. Try one of our many woven wood shades to spruce up your place for the spring. Our Palau style roman shade in a Carraway colour can do just that, this natural woven wood shade has heavy green tones with some browns and greys mixed in, this can bring spring time vibrancy and a natural feel to any room. If you prefer the functionality of a tilting blind, our 2″ real wood blinds are light weight, practical and available in a wide variety of colours. An espresso colour in our Laredo or Estates styles can bring a warm, rich feel to your living area while maintaing a natural look. For best results match up the colour of your natural hardwood flooring or furniture with one of our wood blinds, this will make your windowd pop and can help put the final touches on a perfectly decorated room.

For those who favour simplicity, our full line of sunweave roller shades are a great addition to any room. Our Barcelona style in a Toffee or Java colour can provide a nice accent to your decor. The advantage with these styles is that each has a few different colours in it, this means that no matter your colour scheme this fabric will pick up on many different colours in your room. These shades are not just beautiful, they are also practical. As the weather warms they will help insulate your room, blocking anywhere from 90-97% UV, protecting your furniture and flooring from fading while ensuring that your air conditioner won’t be working overtime. This type of insulation will surely help lower your energy output (as will our woven wood and Real wood blinds) and ultimately aid in the preservation of the environment.



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Blinds Inspiration Products Shades Tips and Advice

Earth Tones: Outside In!

By Gina G.


One of my favorite color palettes is earth tone.  I love utilizing the colors we find outside in nature to decorate the insides of homes.  I especially appreciate the contrast that earth tones allow.  In particular, I enjoy contrasting greens, reds, and browns.  For instance, having light colored greens contrasting deep, dark browns with accenting reds, or any combination of this really can bring a relaxing warmth to any room.

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