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Bringing Summer Inside

By Steven M.

While many people run inside to avoid the side effects that come with summer, decorating the inside of your home with summer in mind is a great idea. Freshening the look of your home based on the season is a great way to keep your decor from getting stale or boring, making every day bright and fun. Using bold colors to splashy prints, a few easy decor updates can make your home feel like a summer getaway. Plus, summer is the season for entertaining, bot inside and out.

Summer is the perfect time to try and incorporate floral prints into your decor. From rugs and shower curtains to  throw pillows and curtains, it’s easy to add a pop of nature to any room in your house, without having to worry about watering and maintaining it. However if you feel inclined and able to take care of plants, this would also be a great idea to add to your home. Fresh flowers allow not only color but also the feeling of nature within the walls of your house.

In addition to floral print, adding bold textures to your home can also give the feeling of summer. Burlap and linen are popular choices for this , giving a beachy feel to any room, who wouldnt wanna feel like they’re at the beach even while in their own living room. Anything utilizing natural fibers , such as wicker, is another way to incorporate texture into your space. All of these elements make for a relaxed and casual feel. These days a room without color or texture is simply unheard of , regardless of the season. 

No matter your decor style updating for the seasons is a great way to keep your decor in style.  Swapping our a few elements can be a fast and easy way to make your home feel new and in line with the seasons.  Summer is a great time to add different textures new colors or patterns. Any chance to add freshness and life such as plants are perfect for this time of year as well.

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Natural Woven Wood Shade in Dining Room Products Shades Tips and Advice

Natural Shades

When designing a room, one must never neglect the windows. Windows are a staple in every household. It’s a simple hole in a wall that allows natural light to come in and brighten your home the NATURAL way. And what better way to keep your space as “natural” as possible, but to use Naturally Woven or Natural looking shades!

These shades come in all types of colors, textures, and patterns. The first, and most well-known, are the Natural Woven Wood Shades. They look and operate like a Roman shade does, but give off almost a tropical vibe. They are certainly a statement piece to any room decor. The great thing about these types of shades as well is that they can be as light filtering or room darkening as you’d like. A Woven Wood shade is typically made of bamboo, grasses or small pieces of wood, allowing light to pass through while still giving you some privacy, although minimal with no liner. This is why using a light filtering liner is a good option, because you can still get natural light but also maintain complete privacy. You can also opt to go with a complete blackout liner so you can use these unique shades in a bedroom or home theater space! 

There are also Naturally Inspired Roller Shades, which are actually fabric made to look like a natural woven wood. These are great if you need something a bit easier to clean or maintain. The fabric is generally treated and a bit more stiff so it won’t collect dust like woven wood shades can. If you want that natural look but are on a budget, this is a great option as well. The natural looking fabrics are sometimes as much as half the cost of the woven wood shades since those typically use the bamboo which can get more costly. Most of the naturally inspired fabric shades are light filtering, so it is important to always check how the shade will look in your household and to ensure you will get the amount of light and privacy you require.

The best news is that regardless of which shade you decided to choose for your space, your windows will look like a million bucks and everyone will be asking you about where you got them and maybe even if you can come decorate their house too! 

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Leyton BTG Store 151

It is time to start the new year fresh and bring new ideas into your home. Blinds to Go now offers a new style to our line of unique styles. The new Highlands material is a versatile design inspired by the beauty of woven woods (Bamboo shades.) blending different hues and colors to create a natural yet elegant look and texture. The Highlands style come in many different colors such as: Wheat, a soft light biege color. Teak, Similar to Wheat but a slightly darker biege with more accents in color. Clove, a dark red and brown giving a very warm color to the room. Birch, a perfect mix of the colors of wheat and teak,  with streaks of grey woven through. and last but not least, Stone, a vibrant grey in a “cookies and cream” blendalmost like Birch but instead of biege and grey,  it is white and grey with minor black accents.

The Highlands come not only in a light filtering,  but a Room darkening as well. This is the same pattern as the Highlands, but with a soft room darkening lining on the back that dims light and provides a neutral background to the street. The shades are not black out due to the fact that like other woven shades,  their are still minor Light gaps between the weaves. The highlands can come in roller shades, as well as Roman shades,  and vertical blinds. (Highlands room darkening however is not available in fabric vertical blinds).

Let your new year start with a unique and different change in your home. The Highlands are a perfect way to start something new in redecorating and blends with most styles and settings in your home.

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Paradise in Your Home

By: Nariah K.


It’s getting warmer and warmer by the day, so it’s time to get the family together and migrate to your family beach house. Before you do that, you have some decorating to do. What better way to dress up your beach house by putting some new shades up, such as woven woods? Woven woods are the perfect accessories for your window and can make your home feel comfortable and cozy just like the beach. These shades would fit perfect for homes with natural, earthy, or tropical decor. No one woven wood looks the same, each specific shade has it’s own look, making the woven woods the most unique shades we have.

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Natural Sunroom

By: KimWV-Ibiza-008_cmyk

My husband and I recently decided to convert our sunroom into a meditation space. We get a lot of harsh sunlight on the back of the house so we needed something to cut out the glare.  The furniture is very simple white wicker and the floor is a dark wood. We had just repainted the walls to be a soft green so we wanted to keep with a natural, soft look.

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Bamboo Shades for Sun Room

By: Dominic

A couple of years back I bought a vacation house by the beach. The house has a nice sun room facing the beach, with six average sized windows in it, and a sliding door. I really like the view, but the sun can be very harsh in there during the hot summer months. I decided that I had to put something on the windows to cut back on the sun. I also was looking to get a little privacy out of it, but that wasn’t a major concern.

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All Nat-Ur-Al -Woven Shades

By: Erica

Nature loving people enjoy many natural things like indoor plants, eco friendly products and the exceptional woven wood shades. The reason is simple for their popularity; it is economical and environment friendly and can control the light intensity and heat as well. Woven shades are made of natural materials like bamboo, thin wooden planks, straws, grass, Jutes, rattan, reeds and matchsticks which are later woven together to form a large sheet. Most people think it is a Roman style, which is true but Romans were not the first, Asia had also played a part in woven shade styles. Usually woven shades were used in Japan, either to cover an entrance or to separate private rooms of males and females. Poor people in the place of the door would use a large bamboo or a reed shade to place it as a “door” to their house. Depending on the thickness of the shade, they can be completely opaque, semi-transparent or translucent.

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Woven Woods – A New Green Option??

By:  Karen

Through the process of redecorating my home, I have been extremely focused on the “green approach.” I have invested in energy-efficient appliances throughout the house, used no VOC paints, changed all of the light bulbs to warm white LED bulbs, and even purchased recycled carpet tiles for flooring.  Clearly, my goal is to leave behind the smallest footprint as possible on the environment, but I also am also decor focused and want to create a cozy home.   

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