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All about Aluminums

By: Ali



As much fun as decorating your house can be, it can also be a stressful endeavor. One of the biggest issues faced is budget. We want to bring out the best in our decor, but most of us do not have thousands of dollars lying around to be spent on our window treatments. For those who want a houseful of blinds without breaking the bank, so to speak, Blinds to Go offer several budget friendly options; one such choice is our aluminum line.

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Aluminum Blinds: Underrated?

By: Karen

I recently moved into a new house, with a lot of windows. I think there were somewhere around 30 windows throughout the whole house. And, of course, when I moved in there was absolutely nothing in the windows, the previous owners decided not to leave anything behind. Which, I suppose was fine, because I really did not like the look of the printed pleated shades they had in the windows. But it did mean that I was going to have to do some fast shopping unless I wanted the neighbors to know everything I was doing inside the house.

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Venetian Blinds Gone Right

By: Nasim

Growing up I was very fond of the venetian aluminum blinds. Throughout the house we had all white aluminum blinds in every room. I remember growing to hate the look of them as they were everywhere and looked so plain and cheap.

Recently moving into my own apartment I began my search for new window treatments. I told myself I’d avoid any venetian blinds especially aluminums as they were very flimsy and the slats often got bent and would stay bent no matter how hard you tried to smooth them out!

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