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General Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

From Little to LARGE

We’ve all been there; a home we’d like just a little more space in. Let’s face it though, you probably can’t or won’t renovate. Well, there are ways you can make a small room seem bigger and spacious.

Something simple to make a space seem larger than life is repainting it in a fresh light color. While darker colors can make a room seem cozy, it’s at the cost of feeling cramped as well. Also, take that theme up to the ceiling, painting it a bright white or place a patterned wallpaper to draw the eye up. Just be sure to choose a simple design with colors that aren’t too deep. Hint: stripes elongate a room.

Furniture can help or harm a room as well. Be sure to choose pieces that can be multi functional. An ottoman or coffee table with storage is a popular option. Smaller chairs and two seaters can break up a room. Using a single large couch will dispell that cluttered look. Use glass or lucite for shelves, tables, and tv stands; this technique creates an airy flow because it won’t disrupt the line of sight like solid pieces would.

Lighting may not seem like a big deal in a setting, but properly lighting a room can greatly increase the sense of space and functionality. Scrap the harsh over head lights, they just pool into a small spotlight and that doesn’t flatter a room. Try using lamps and candles to spread the light and evoke the eye throughout the room. Using a mirror opposite of walls with windows will reflect natural light and make a room seem brighter too.

All of these tips and tricks are easy, inexpensive ways to open up your home. Try these and more! Be sure to share your newfound secrets with your friends and family!

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DIY Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

BTG Store 151

People generally spend a lot of time decorating the main living spaces in their homes, living, dining room, and kitchens. Ironically, you probably spend the most time yourself, in your bedroom – it’s what you see in the morning when you first wake up, and it’s what you are looking at before you go to sleep for the night. So that’s why this spring, your bedroom deserves a makeover!

For starters, the wall color will have a huge impact in the bedroom. The trend is towards white this year – but if white is too plain for you, go with a color, just a very lightened shade. If you have a favorite color, start with that and have the paint store add white to soften it. Although you could go with the more bold version, the softer color will make your room feel more modern, and much more relaxing than the bolder tone.

The next easiest change are the soft treatments in the room. The bedding can make a huge difference on the overall look of the room. Again, stick with softer colors to make the room feel more like a retreat – if you want to liven things up, add in a pattern that can add some character to the room. You can also accent with rugs, and throw pillows to bring in similar colors or patterns. Depending on what you go with for the bedding, compliment it with the window treatments. You don’t want too much of a good thing – so if you go plain on the bed, add some pattern in the curtains (and visa versa).

Finally, if you want to keep the changes more simple, just change out the accent pieces. In your bedroom, that could be as easy as a jewelry box, or the picture frames on the bedside tables. You can change out either the lamp or just the lampshade to pop a color. Bring in some color with candles or even vases full of flowers. Add some paintings on the walls that remind you of a relaxing getaway – or of family and friends.

Just keep in mind, this is your retreat from the world – and maybe other than your spouse, no one will be using this space but you. Enjoy!

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