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Selecting New Window Coverings

Summer has come to an end and I am enjoying my morning coffee next to my big window. I can see my neighbor in his yard. This past summer I wasn’t able to see him, but as the trees kept losing their leaves, I have a perfect view of his house. He waves at me and I wave back at him with a slight discomfort. I wasn’t aware that he had such a good view of the inside my house! As I look at the falling leaves on this frosty autumn morning, I realize that it is time for me to cover my windows as well as redecorate my room in beautiful, warm fall colors. I would really like to have some new shutters to accentuate the classical style of my home and it would most likely make my neighbor jealous!

However, shutters must be pretty hard to find, complicated to install and pretty pricey. Well, not at all! With the wonderful help of the advisor at Blinds To Go and the qualified skills that their installer possesses, they took care of everything! Fall is finally here, my windows are decorated to my liking, I close the shutters halfway through so I cannot see my neighbor anymore. I get myself cozy on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and I enjoy my new shutters.

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Products Shades Tips and Advice

Sunweaves, Too Good To Be True?

By: Kyle

There is nothing worse than waking up in the early morning as the sun rises and you sit down to eat breakfast, but that ray of sunshine seems to scrape across the horizon right into your face. Or you turn on the TV to watch some afternoon Sunday baseball but you can barely see the TV because that sun has managed to shine right into your window. Clearly the see-through drapes I have mounted on the window are doing me no good. I need something that’s going to offer me the protection from the sun, give me  some privacy but not take away from the view I have of the outdoors.

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