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Small Kitchen, Big Potential

Modern Kitchen Trends

By Gina G.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you’re limited in your design capacity. Rather, you have the opportunity to really stretch those creative muscles. Here are a few ideas that can make your small kitchen area  that much more functional:
Try bold colored cabinetry. Hands down, colors pop. More commonly we are used to white or wood colored (spanning from maple to espresso) cabinets in the kitchen. However, why limit yourself? Colored cabinetry is definitely gaining traction in the industry and can be a simple way to add some design to your kitchen without taking up space. If you feel like painting your whole cabinetry is just a little too adventurous for you, try painting just the doors of the cabinets in a complimentary tone. Blue tones and pastels are great options for this approach. Either way, color cabinetry pair well with most granites and stainless steel appliances.
Speaking of appliances, if your remodel is bigger in scale and involves large appliances, consider hidden appliances (fridges, microwaves, etc). Hidden appliances provide dual functions: they are both practical and aesthetically pleasing for small kitchen areas as they blend seamlessly into cabinetry without taking up already limited space.
Another idea to maximize the design of your small kitchen is to dress up your windows. You may only have one or two, so utilizing them to add something special to your kitchen is important. Consider a soft roman shade for a simpler kitchen, a bamboo shade for a more rustic style, or a textured roller shade for a more modern approach. Be sure to keep the treatment light filtering to take advantage of the natural light your window brings to your space.
As far as accessories and smaller appliances, if you opted for more traditional colored cabinets, here is an opportunity to bring in that color. And go bold, use warm colors but limit the prints. Fresh flowers are also a simple, yet impactful addition to smaller areas. Finally, avoid tons of knick knacks and non-essential items as they tend to make smaller kitchens appear cluttered.

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General Inspiration Shades Tips and Advice

Kitchen Window Decor

From countertops to cabinets, designing a kitchen involves coordinating multiple surfaces, colors and textures. Finding the perfect combination that looks great together (and fits your vision) can be tough. Throw in window treatments that are functional and attractive, and all the decisions can seem downright overwhelming! So to help you out, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite kitchen window décor ideas.


Woven Wood shades are an excellent choice for kitchens. They are easy to operate, can act as light filtering or blackout treatments depending on the material and lining, and come in numerous styles and colors. Our best suggestion is to choose a material/style with colors that pick up on the warmth of the natural wood tones elsewhere in your kitchen. For example, Woven Wood shades in a coordinating tone are a logical choice to add interest to a kitchen complete with white subway tile and Forrest Green cabinetry.

You can also coordinate Woven Wood Shades with the finish of your hardwood floors. Say you have white and cool gray on your kitchen cabinets; if you match or coordinate the woven window shades to the color(s) of wood on your floor, you can visually link the walls with the rich color of the floors, keeping the space cozy and intimate.


If you have a statement piece in your kitchen, such as a patterned floor, you can allow your window treatments to remain subtle and understated to let the rest of the room shine. You can choose something like a simple, solid white Roller Shade to block glare, and the textured cabinets and colorful floor take center stage in a bright kitchen. Or you can use a soft cellular shade to help insulate and keep the window looking soft. Whenever you use a monochromatic white palette with pops of color, it  always results in a sleek design.

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Kitchen Real Wood Blinds DIY General Interior Designers Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Kitchen Window Treatments

Windows in the kitchen can be a fairly difficult task to figure out. As in most rooms, you have to keep the basics in mind – why do I need this treatment, and work your way from there. Do you need to cover your windows for basic privacy? Is there any need to darken the room? Is there glare in your eyes while you’re eating dinner? Are you just simply looking to just dress up the window?
The other considerations for a kitchen that differ a little from the other rooms are related to where in the room the windows are located. Is the window directly over the sink? (Will there be splashing that can hit the treatment). Is it over the counter or the stove? (Is there a chance food will get on it while you are cooking or preparing a meal). Is it close to the table? (Is it possible someone could spill something on it while eating or get fingerprints on it).
All of these things considered, there are a couple of options that are usually the go to in the industry for your kitchen. Faux wood, for one, is always a go-to option. They give you multiple functions – privacy, room darkening, glare protection. They are also extremely easy to clean – basically they are just made from PVC, a material that is extremely durable and can hold up to being cleaned on a regular basis. They come in a wide range of colors and different options that can customize a look to work in nearly any kitchen.
Another popular option is sun shades. The consideration with these are they do not provide a high level of privacy because they are more of a screen, but often times you do not need full privacy in your kitchen. The good thing about these shades is that they provide an extremely modern, clean look to a room, and block out the glare in the room. The best part is that they can be cleaned extremely easily with a damp cloth or sponge as they are a solid piece of material that is coated in vinyl. These have become more and more popular as kitchens are decorated with a more modern look, and are available in a wide range of different colors as well as textures.
Of course, any treatment will work in the room, it is just generally wise to stay away from fabrics in most instances. Whether it’s close enough to get hit with food/moisture, just keep in mind that the fabric will retain the smells and scents of your cooking.

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Kitchen Faux Wood Blinds Blinds General Tips and Advice

Picking The Right Window Treatments In A Kitchen

Window treatments in your kitchen can provide a big statement – generally due to the fact that it is one of the few accent pieces that are added to the room. Unfortunately, hanging window treatments in your kitchen tends to be a little trickier than some other rooms in the house.

For starters, you have to take into consideration where the window is located – and that can lead to a range of different issues. A lot of times the window is located directly over the sink. This limits your options to a valance – if looking to do a curtain – since you don’t want curtains that are hanging into your sink. It also limits your options for mounting blinds, because a lot of times the window is also between cabinets, so you want to make sure you aren’t purchasing anything that will scrape your cabinets, or not have space to be mounted. Another consideration that people often forget about is, being your kitchen sink, it is more likely than not that your window treatment will end up getting dirty. This depends of course, on how set back or high the window is, but if you are considering a white fabric shade, keep in mind that one day you might be washing a pot from red sauce, that could leave quite a stain behind!

A lot of the same considerations come into play for windows in different areas of the kitchen. A window over the counter, a window right next to the kitchen table, or even set into a breakfast nook, same concerns. Perhaps the concern of getting dirty is even higher if you have kids that like to peek outside, and get their dirty hands on the fabric! Or, if you have a lot of people in your kitchen from time to time, and someone accidentally spills!

The good thing is, there are a few options that really address all of these situations. The number one, and most popular option is faux wood blinds. They are made to look exactly like real wooden blinds but are made from PVC. When they get dirty, you wash them off with a sponge, and they wipe completely clean. The blinds come in a variety of whites, grays, and wood tones so you can match to pretty much any kitchen. Another great option is a vinyl sun shade, which is designed to block out the glare and direct sunlight but preserve the view to the backyard. The great thing about these is they are even easier to clean and can be wiped down extremely easily. If you are really hoping for fabric, just keep your family and friends in mind, and raise up the shades whenever there may be a risk of them getting dirty!

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Tips and Advice

Cooking friendly??

By: Karen

So last night as I was cleaning up from dinner, I looked out the window to see my neighbor waving back to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my neighbors, but there are some times that I need my privacy, and cleaning up after dinner in my hot pink pajama’s is one of those times.  But the problem is, I make a mess of the entire kitchen every time I cook! There are three windows – one that is right over the sink, one over the counter, and one near the table.   So when I wash dishes, I splash, when I am prepping food I splatter things, and near the table nothing is safe.  

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