indoor porch

indoor porch


Meditating the Days Away

By: Aishaprestige double white

I recently purchased a new home. The most important feature of it is my sun room. It is a place I frequent often, because it makes a great meditation spot. Its a place in which I can relax and center myself, but the issue is as summer approaches it gets very bright and extremely hot. It gets to the point I can no longer comfortably enjoy the room. I thought to rectify this by purchasing some blinds.

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Room With A View

By: Brenna



I have recently put a grand addition onto the back of my house, which faces a beautiful lake.  It is a raised sun room overlooking the docks and water. We decided to add the addition because it is such a gorgeous view that we have out the back, we wanted to be able to really have a good look at it.  So we built an expansive room with floor to ceiling windows, which provide us with the best views of the lake.  Unfortunately, what these windows don’t give us is privacy or total insulation. And with the lake area being so wide and open, all the surrounding homes can see us up in the sun room.

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Sunweave Panel track for the Sun Room


By: Dominic


I have a sun room off to the side of my house which is fully enclosed with a slider in the back. The slider is fairly large and takes up almost ten feet of the back wall. The slider has three panes, the two outside panes are stationary and the middle is the one that operates the door. I have no neighbors on that side of the house and I live on a dead end street but the sun comes in very strong and I was afraid that the sun rays would damage the floor and furniture that I put in that room. I had heard of sunweave shades from my brother. A sunweave shade is a screen like material that is used to cover the window. The function on the material is to block the UV rays from the sun but the material is also see through and allows the light to penetrate through and not lose your view. So I figured that they would be a good fit for me. I decided to look into covering up my slider with something like that.
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