Summertime Here! Don’t Sweat It; Wood Blinds will Save You!

By Darius J.

Summertime can be fun but also be very hot, yikes! If you’re trying to cool down the indoor patio a great way to do so would be to add wood blinds. Wood blinds help to keep the room cool, as well as complement any décor that you have. Once you find your feng shui, your new wood blinds will fall into its rightful place.

On the same side of this equation adding natural wood blinds will bring nature to your home instantly. With different finishes such as golden oak, walnut and maple, along with other selections will add style and color; while the wood blinds insulation technology helps to keep heat out. Amazing right! Hey don’t worry when it start to get a little breezy out the insulation in the wood blinds work its magic again, and will help to keep the porch cozy and warm.

That’s the beauty of nature, the benefits of wood blinds are great; and the best part is that you will see that regardless of the decor in your home. Wood blinds will bring log cabin inspiration to reality, and all you need is a little imagination to make it happen. 

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Bringing the Outdoors, Inside.

After a long winter, the need to be outdoors and taking in nature becomes essential. We appreciate the spring and summer much more with its absence during the winter so our need to be outdoors increases and being indoors, decreases. But what do you do on a rainy day? During extreme humidity? You stay home, you stay indoors. And you’re back to missing the outdoors again. Back to missing the warmth, the nature and the colors. But, that doesn’t need to happen, especially when you learn how to bring a little of the outdoors, inside.

Now you don’t need to go all out and redecorate a room dedicated to an outdoors theme. But you can achieve that feeling with a few simple solutions. You may consider changing the tablecloth on your table to one with more florals on it or one with pastel colours to bring some brightness into the room. Colours like pale blues and greens can give a space a more refreshing and serene touch.

Adding some wooden or woven items in a room also gives it that outdoor, cottage feel. You can replace your placemats for beautiful woven ones. If you have existing plants in the space, put them in a wooden planter. If you don’t have any plants, get some! You will literally bring the outdoors to you with some house plants. Now if you’re worried about maintaining them, get ones that require the least amount of maintenance. Usually leafy plants don’t require a lot of attention. And of course, one of the easiest solutions is putting some fresh flowers in an existing vase. Pick colours that accent your existing colours.

Spring/summer time can also be a time where you feel a need to change something. And you know what, it doesn’t always have to be drastic. It can be something as simple as changing some sheers or blinds. We at Blinds To Go, have a woven wood blinds collection that can help you bring the outdoors inside. Our St Lucia collection, one of our newest, can bring some woven warmth to your room with light colours. It can act like a sheer and let in a lot of light during those rainy days, inside. So don’t let yourself get down on those summer days you have to be inside. Bring a little of the outdoors to you.

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Green Living

There is no escaping it; GOING GREEN is all the rage now-a-days – and for good reason too! Everyone wants to have a part in saving the planet, but you don’t think about the easy ways to incorporate that into your home decor as well. We have put together some great ideas from paints, to art work to window coverings that will help you create a “green home” through your decor.

Now, we have touched on window coverings a lot in past blogs but not so much the green aspect of them. There are TONS of options to have green window coverings throughout your home, even if you wanted something different for each room! First we have the natural choice (no pun intended) of Natural Woven Wood shades. These shades are made up of natural grasses, bamboo and fibers to create beautiful window coverings that both bring a bold statement to a room and are a perfect way to create a “green” living space. The best part about these is the options; you can have them plain so they are see through, have a light filtering liner put onto them for a little more privacy, or even a blackout liner for complete darkness incase you wanted to use them in a bedroom.

Another great option for window coverings are Cellular Shades. These shades are also known as “Honeycomb shades” due to the shade itself looking like a honeycomb when you view it from the side. These honeycombs, or “cells”, create air pockets which help to insulate; keeping cold air out and warm air in or vice versa depending on the season. You can typically find them in a variety of colors and a ton of neutral colors as well. Personally, i think they pair very nicely with paneled drapes on either side – in which you can also find “green” fabrics that are made from natural fibers and recycled materials as well!

Let’s move onto paint. “Paint isn’t “green”.” you say? On the contrary, perhaps you’re not looking for the right paint. They now make paints that are Eco-Friendly! These paints are typically made with low VOCs, low biocides and natural pigments. To get a truely “green” paint you need to get paint that has VOC levels between 0-100gm/l. The coolest thing is that they make milk paint and natural paints which use, you guessed it, milk protein, citrus, minerals and lime.

Finally we touch on the part of most rooms that really give the meaning of decor; the artwork. Every home has artwork, whether it’s an old vase your Grandmother passed down to you, your child’s macaroni artwork from school or a $10,000 painting over the mantel piece. Art is a loose term that is covered over many fields, therefore this makes it easy to incorporate “green” art into your home! Many retailers now sell recyclable products such as bins, frames and vases which make it easy for you to decorate your home. You can also check out Pinterest or other online DIY sites to see millions of ideas to create your own artwork from recycled items found in your very own home as well!

The sky is the limit with your green living, now go out there and save your plant one room at a time!

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Cottage Beauty

Cottage Beauty

Do you enjoy going to the cottage but sometimes find that the summer passes by too quickly for you to get to go?  Why not bring the cottage feel to your home summer!  Here are a few tips to make your home feel more nature-driven and a bit like a cottage without the getaway.

First off, choose an area to decorate.  This can be a sunroom, a big porch, or a closed off area in the backyard.  You can even go as far as decorating your kitchen and breakfast nook, or family room.  Basically any casual room that you can just sit and enjoy with family and friends can be decorated to give it that cottage-feel.   

Adding little elements will make all the difference.  Hang a painting showcasing nature, or vintage plates on the walls, install bamboo shades on your windows, and use some wood-inspired furniture, such logs as benches or little side tables.  Another really nice look is to get a wooden table that has all the natural wood grain and knots in it to give the room that cottage-like feel.  You can also put up a few open shelves, displaying tea canisters, mugs, bowls and dishes.  Add fabrics such as burlap or linen, as table runners or pillows.  All these little things will  make a big difference in making your space a summer getaway.

So if you enjoy going to the cottage, but don’t have enough time this summer, try adding all of these decorating elements to the area of your choice, which will give it a cottage feel without having to go the extra mile.

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Eco-Friendly Outdoors

Eco-Friendly Outdoors

by Monica

Making your home enjoyable doesn’t only have to happen inside your home but also outside on your porch. A front porch is one of the most appealing areas of a home, especially if it is comfortable, inviting, and well decorated. It is a place where people often read the morning paper while enjoying the cool breezes of spring. The front porch is also a place to sit back and relax while taking in fresh air and observing outdoor activities. A well decorated front porch is friendly, and it provides countless ways to creatively welcome in seasons and special occasions. As spring approaches, consider the following creative ways of decorating a front porch for spring, and turn an ordinary entryway into a comfortable and more inviting place to enjoy the outdoors while showing off your personal decorating style.

There are plenty of things that you can do to decorate your porch with and remain eco-friendly. Of course you will want a bench or a porch swing out there on your porch. This will allow you to spend hours on the porch in the warmer months. You can sit on the porch and view the great outdoors. You can place quite a few things on the porch to give it style and color. Pumpkins have been used to add a country flair as well as color to any country porch. You can also add various plants around the porch to give it that nice green color. Flowers are also very nice as they are beautiful they give the porch a nice array of color. Flowers can be put in a flower pot, or even hung to be enjoyed. These can be put in certain areas of the porch to really spruce it up. The nice thing about decorating your porch is that you can decorate it for the different seasons. So now you are able to have a very ecofriendly home and give back to the environment as well as live healthier.

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Woven Woods are Green!

Are environmental concerns at the top of your agenda? Do you refuse to drink out of a plastic water bottle or cringe everytime you see litter on the sidewalk? If this is the case you may have a difficult time finding a window covering solution that doesn’t harm the environment. A roman shade made of bamboo or woven wood will likely be your most environemntally friendly option. Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable resources on our planet, it not only grows quickly but  in great abundance. This means that you can rest easy knowing that the bamboo harvested for your brand new shade should grow back in a matter of days or weeks. In addition, all headrails on our woven wood shades are made of natural materials, no plastic whatsoever!

Woven wood shades would make the perfect complement to an environmentally friendly household. They provide a natural look, and are available in a wide array of colours and styles. A flat bamboo shade will give you a simple look, while a classic panel will add to any traditional decor. If you’re looking to add natural wood colours to your home the real advantage with a bamboo shade is that they often contain a few different clour tones that will perfectly accent any room. For example our ‘Palau’ style in a ‘Carraway’ colour has brown tones with heavy green accents in the shade, this makes it versatile and easy to match as it will pick up on any colours you have in the room.

An added bonus to any woven wood shades is that the nature of a natural wood like bamboo is that it will provide some insulation for your home. Add in the fact that bamboo is sustainable means that this is easily the most environmentally friendly shade Blinds to Go carries.


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It’s All About Responsibility

By Tiffany P.

When shopping for natural material window treatments you want to be able to trust the company that is making these blinds or shades, is still giving back to nature in some sort of way. With Blinds To Go we take pride in doing just that, because it is important to replace what you take when dealing with materials such as bass wood, a kind of timber that we use for blinds, or bamboo, which we use for our shades.
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Going Green: Function!

Going Green: Function!
by Karen E.
Customers come into our showrooms all of the time looking for new options.  Lately, many people have come in looking for the most environmentally friendly new option. The two most popular are our woven wood shades (made from bamboo, a renewable resource) and cellular shades (which help to lower your heating and cooling bills).  Unfortunately, with both of these options, you have shades, which are either lowered completely, or raised completely, and give you no control over your privacy. Luckily, there is an alternative! Real wood blinds.
Our wooden blinds are made from bass wood, a natural material. The advantage, being a blind, is that you can tilt the blind open and closed, to control not only your privacy, but your light. They can be tilted in multiple directions to control how much light is coming in, and how much people can see in. They come in both a 1″ and 2″ slat, so there is a variety of options, and they also come in a wide variety of natural stains, and painted white finishes. They also come in an upgraded glossy finish which brings out the character of the wood. The advantage to the stained finishes is that you can see the natural grains and knots in the wood, which also allows you to better match to the furniture and flooring in your room.  (The alternative, faux wood blinds either have a printed or flat finish, and lose the natural feel).
To customize your wood blinds even more there are a few features you can add.  Intimacy, which is our room darkening feature, allows the slats to close tighter and flatter, letting less light through the slats.  Fabric tape is another option which is usually added for the decorative aspect, is a fabric strip running vertically on the blind, and comes in a wide array of colors and patterns.  The fabric tape really softens the look of the blind, and allows you to match or accent different colors you already have in your decor.
So if cellular shades and woven woods do not offer you enough flexibility, be sure to stop in and take a look at all of the natural wood options.
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Going Green

by Karen Earle

Customers often come in asking for our most natural product, as they have recently redecorated a room with natural decor, and are aiming to go green with their decorating.  While unfortunately none of our products are 100% natural (as they all have some man made components), there is one product that fits the description the best, woven wood shades.
Woven woods are one of the styles that have cycled back into being one of the more popular products in window treatments.  The shades are made from bamboo shoots, woven grasses, and other fibers which are all naturally grown materials. Not only does this give the very natural appearance because of the material, but it is a renewable resource. It works well in many different rooms and styles of decor, ranging from more traditional to a beachy look to a more rustic look.
The other great thing about woven wood shades are how customizable they are.  There are a wide range of color and materials to chose from. They are made in a roman shade style, and can be ordered as a flat panel or a folded panel for a more decorative look.  The shades can be lined depending on the level of darkening or privacy you need.  They can also be edged in a variety of different color fabrics (which not only change the look, but help prolong the life of the shade).
If you are trying to “go green,” not only from an environmentally responsible perspective, but also from a decor perspective, then woven wood blinds would definitely be the best option for you!
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