fabric tape

fabric tape

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The Hot Look

By: Tiffany P.


This coming summer why not change the look of your room and give it an exotic theme? Our woven woods are befitting with not only having the relaxing bamboo feel but has the style names to match. The Fiji, Palau, Borneo, Trinidad, Ibiza, Catalina, Key West, St. Tropez, and Cozumel will be the hot look that you have been waiting for.

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Fabric Tape – Yes or No?

By: Karen

My sister just purchased new blinds, and can’t stop raving about them.  She had told me she got wood blinds, and “dressed” them up.  Not understanding how you dress up wood blinds, I told her I’d stop by.

Just as a note – my sister and I have the most opposite taste possible – so I was excited when she mentioned she went with wood blinds because I have them in a couple of rooms in my house and think they are great.  I love the way they look and the way they function. 

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