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Arbor Roller Shades

By: Karen E.


Now that spring is here, a lot of people have been sprucing up the inside of their homes.  And, as any homeowner knows, once you start one project, it leads into several other projects.  What starts as cleaning the house, turns into a coat of paint here and there, and next thing you know you’re onto shopping.  And, that leads to Blinds To Go (because you can’t paint the trim of the windows a fresh coat of white paint and put back dirty blinds!)

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Naughty or Nice, Sugar and Spice Children’s Holiday Rooms

By: Meghan

Parents, want to make your child’s room or play room extra special this holiday season? Want to add decor- yes decor! as decor is the first step of DECORation- that will make the room cheerful and bright? Of course you do! You’ve already got tinsel, mini trees, garland, twinkle lights, personal menorahs, dreidel, but lets step it up further (and avoid clutter in small rooms or even potential fire hazards!) Themed rugs and bed spreads or furniture covers are great but the windows need something.

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Summer’s Almost Here!

 By: KarenWV-trinidad_cocoa

As summer rolls around, its time to get our three season porch ready.  We barely use it the rest of the year, but during the summer months we are out there all the time.  We have a pool out back, and a great backyard for hanging out and enjoying the weather.  But, as anyone knows who has a pool or lives near water, once the sun goes down, the bugs come out, so we like spending a lot of time in the evenings on the porch. 

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