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Great Gift Ideas

By: Gloria H

Valentines day is almost here and you still haven’t purchased that special someone a gift.  You can tell that they want something a little different this year, but they’re not coming right out and saying that.  Sure a box of choclates and a teddy bear are a sweet idea and will put a smile on any ones face, just one problem, thats what you got last year.  Time is ticking and you have no clue what to do, well that’s where I can help.  Creating a romantic bedroom setting with a Serenity shade is a sure way to say I love you.  Not only will this be an unexpected gift, but they will be thanking you for years to come.  Our Serenity shade gives you the best of both worlds by combining the tilting feature of a blind with the soft and elegant look and feel of a fabric shade.  The Serenity is avabile in soft neutral colors, and our most popular are powder and hazelnut.  With the range of neutral colors you are sure to find one that will work well for you.

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“New Years Eve DIY”

By: Kim W.

Linen Truffle Pleated
This year, I am staying in… with friends! I am throwing a New Years Eve party  and have a few tips and fun ways to decorate for your New Years Eve night to be a spectacular one! First thing I did was move all of the furniture to the outside walls or to a different room, this way I have all my seating along the edges of the room so we have one big place to dance and play games. For décor, I blew up black, gold, and silver balloons and tied a 3ft string to each of them (I used sparkly silver and gold string) so when you look into the room it looks like streamers and the beginnings of a great night! I also had an old disco ball that I restrung up on my own and hung from my ceiling fan for additional “bling”. When I sent the invitations I asked everyone to dress in black and white as well. So I have some old black lights from my college days, and bought inexpensive white cloth gloves for everyone to wear and we can dance the night away glowing! So fun!

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