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Studio Tips and Tricks


In seven years I have lived in at least eight small space studio apartments. Along the way I have experimented, and found out about what works and what does not work for a small space studio.

One common obstacle that I alway run into with all my studio apartments is that lack of space. To make the studio look and feel like it is  bigger than it really is, I  painted the walls with cool colors.  And as an artist, I have learned that cool colors recede and warm color pop forward. with my walls being a cool blue that  trick my mind into thinking that the wall a further apart. Another trick that I have also discovered, is adding couple of large mirror on the walls will also do the same trick.

I am always fighting and trying to figure out how to keep my small apartment clutter free. After walking through the door after a long day of work there are usually a pile of mail waiting on the floor for me. One solution that I have come up with to keep it organized and out of my site  is to put all the mail in a box that I have painted to match the walls of the foyer. by painting the box exactly as the wall color, that creates the illusion that the is not here.

In my one bedroom studio my bedroom flows right into the living room, I wanted to create a visual division yet make it flow. several ways  that I did that is by painting the bedroom one shade of blue  and the living room and other shade of blue with in the same family of color. I also decorated the walls  with a series of 1950s illustrations that has the same style  from one of my favorite artist.

I am always trying to figure out of ways to trick my brain into thinking my studio is larger and organized because a studio apartment does not give me a lot of choices.

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Inspiration Tips and Advice

Romantic Dining

By: Karen E


When it comes to bringing romantic décor into your home, don’t always assume that means redecorating your bedroom.  The style can be brought into any room in your house.  One room that I enjoy decorating in such a style is my dining room.  Being a room that I am either dining in with my family or friends, it is a room where I want my guests to feel welcomed and comfortable.

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Blinds and Shades for the New Year (and every year!)

By: Meghan

Cheers to you, cheers to all, cheers to everyone all around! We toast we cheer, kiss to a dear, pop champagne, watch the mirror ball drop! Hurrah, hurrah! 2014 is coming up quick and now is the time to prep. 2013 is so last year!

You have had that sparkly dress and high heels picked out for months, you have the menu prepped, and have hand selected the champagne, and other treats. But after Thanksgiving you are glad that your sister is hosting Christmas because not only are you worn out- but you are noticing your decor!

Time to bring in the New Years with a bang!

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Resolution: Roman Shades!

By: Meghan

So 2013 is ending. Where did the year go? It zooms by and 2014 is coming, bringing with it hopes and possibilities. That Resolution list is getting longer and longer. And this year let’s add something that you can really scratch off your list! Time to redecorate your house.

You don’t need to buy any more Christmas gifts, that shopping is all done. Time to spend some money on yourself!

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“Out with the Old, In with the New”

By: Kim W.


I live out in the country, but love the bustling city life; so I decided to incorporate that into my home! First thing I did was rip up my carpet with intention of putting in a wood floor, only to find that it had an amazing wood floor underneath! A dream come true. So with a little sanding and TLC it looks like new! Got lucky there!.. The walls in my family room for the past 8 years have been a deep mustard yellow with a greenish tint to it, with an oak chair rail and then a “country-side” rolling greens wallpaper below the chair rail. While this style is cute and very country french, I wanted to bring a more modern and “city-like” vibe to it. I am starting by painting the chair rail white and then adding a wainscoting below. I believe that  will instantly lighten the room and create a warm and yet sophisticated feel. I will keep the yellow color on the walls above the chair rail, but I will lighten it (add more white to the paint color) so it is not as harsh and also allow for a more airy feel in the room.

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Di-stressing Yourself for the Holidays

By: Kayla

‘Tis the season! The holidays are almost here, and that means family and friends, entertaining and decorating your home as cheerfully and festive as this time of year makes you feel. Trying to obtain that warm and inviting, cozy atmosphere by bringing the festivities inside? Adding a new accent to the room is a great way to accomplish that.

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How to DIY Centerpiece

By: Kayla

The winter is fast approaching and everyone is wanting to get into the holiday spirit.  With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is looking for ways to celebrate the season by bringing it into their homes.  In this blog we are going to tell you how to make your own decorations, while having that wow factor to warm up the room with holiday cheer! The best part of doing it yourself is that it can all be done on a budget!

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Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Floral Stereotypes

By: AshleyCameo White paneltrack 2

Florals are feminine

They don’t have to be. Of course pale muted hues in pink are very girly, but florals are hardly limited to this stereotype. To avoid the feminine floral, stay away from small prints and faded colors. Add masculine pieces to the room. Leather and wood furniture create a more rustic feel. Or stick to a neutral color scheme.

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Floral Options

By: Jessica

rosalie_white_019One can incorporate a hint of floral into their decor while maintaining a consistent look by combining different styles of the same fabric or pattern.

In more open-concept spaces where it might be hard to divide the areas while still maintaining a uniform look throughout, using similar patterns in different contexts open up possibilities for window treatments.

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