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Roman shades are a classically popular window treatment with everlasting style. Their versatility and durability make them the perfect shade for high traffic rooms like the living room and offices. They have the ability to soften a room with a comfortable vibe and add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.

They are said to have originated in Rome

Their original purpose was to shade pampered spectators in public amphitheaters or stadiums, the most famous being the Colosseum in Rome. Well-to-do audience members did not want to endure the hot Mediterranean sun and so they sat underneath large, elaborate cloth awnings that protected them from the sun’s rays. The system of ropes and pulleys that was used to remove and replace the awnings for events was essential for the development of today’s Roman shades.

Roman shades are difficult to make

Each shade is very complicated to make and takes a lot of human labor to ensure its perfection. Because of the time put into each individual shade, they do tend to be a bit more costly. Any mistakes that are made while creating the shade are very difficult to remedy, with a lot of imperfect shades having to be recreated entirely.

Some Roman shades require training

Like parting your hair a different way or house breaking a new puppy, some Roman shades need a little training when they are new and young. If your new shades are made of a thick fabric, you may have to train them to fold in the correct place. After a few times of being guided into the correct placement, the fabric of your shade will start to hold a “memory” of where it should fold.

They are perfect for inside and outside mounts

Roman shades look beautiful mounted within your window frame and also outside your window frame. If you have nice trim around your windows you should show it off by mounting the shade inside the frame. They will look perfectly built-in and allow the finer details of your home to really shine. If you have unsightly trim or simply want to make your windows appear larger, these shades can be easily mounted on the wall around your window and you can let your pretty shades take center stage.

They come in a variety of features

Roman shades are very versatile and can fit into any aesthetic. Because they are made of fabric, there are a lot of color and texture options available, as well as options for top down/bottom up, blackout, cordless and pleated.

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Simple Elegance

By: Karen E.


With springtime, comes redecorating, which brings a lot of people flipping through magazines, and watching design shows on TV.  One of the key terms this season seems to be “Simple Elegance.” After the first few people had come in stating that was the look they were going for, I decided to do some research on my own.  Turns out, like most other styles, it is 80% up to your own interpretation, but focuses around a clean, simple decor, accented with some dressier pieces (hence, the elegance).

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Roam on over to the Romans: Flat vs. Classic

By: Aisha


When it comes to roman shades, which is better: flat or classic? The only difference is the style. Flat romans are made of several panels sewn together and by the name, they are flat. When pulled up, the panels disappear underneath the valance piece that comes attached to the shade, functioning more like a roller shade. On the other hand, the classic roman is completely different cosmetically. It is made of one piece of cloth and it bubbles out, so when it is drawn up, it doesn’t hide behind the valance but rather looks more like a decorative curtain.

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