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Easy Remodeling Ideas – On A Budget!

When you move into a new home – house or apartment, it is easy to come up with pages of things you would like to change, update, and improve. Unfortunately, moving expenses piled on top of down payments make taking on most projects nearly impossible. Rather than accumulating a ton of debt – we have compiled a list of inexpensive updates you can do that will make a huge impact on your space, and not your wallet!

  • Update out dated brass fixtures. Gold and brass fixtures can age any room 20 years. Turns out you can purchase Rustoleum – paint/primer in one – in a bunch of updated colors – brushed nickel, chrome, rust, or steel. A quick and easy update to anything metal – sink fixtures, cabinet handles, light fixtures, even light switch covers!
  • Update old fashion bathrooms. Believe it or not there is hope for the pastel bathrooms that were popular around the 60’s and 70’s – epoxy paint! You can cover up any sink, toilet, even tub with the paint, and give a fresh coat of white finish to an otherwise outdated space. While this is available to do yourself, keep in mind that even hiring a professional to do the work is a significant cost savings to a bathroom remodel.
  • Update brick features. Most of the time anything brick is extremely hard to replace – fireplaces, accent walls, wood stove bases – but luckily a new whitewash finish can instantly update the look. It is extremely easy to do as well, white paint, water, a few brushes, and some cloths! And since you are doing it yourself you can decide how dark or light you go!
  • Add crown molding. There are a lot of areas in the house where some simple crown molding can really make a statement if the original design was plain and simple. For example, add a frame around a plain bathroom mirror to dress it up. Update contractor grade cabinets with a piece of molding along the top – or even bottom of the cabinets. Even a strip around a plain window or door opening can make a big difference.
  • Update a ceiling fan. The traditional fan that is a faux wood finish usually looks dated. Cover it with a coat of white or even black paint for a quick update. If you are feeling a little more ambitious change out the light covers for a totally new look.
  • Add drama to your windows. Make windows that are proportionally small for a room appear bigger by hanging curtains wider and higher than the window – it gives an illusion that the ceiling is higher and the windows bigger.

Again – keep in mind even these projects can not all be done in one weekend – but they probably can get checked off a lot faster than a kitchen or bathroom reno!

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Updating with Whitewash

Depending on your home, the look of brick could either make or break the décor of a room. Brick is something there is a lot of generally as well since it is often put into a room as an accent piece to begin with. Unfortunately, to remove/replace brick is a huge undertaking. Not only is it messy, its expensive, and very time consuming. Luckily, there is a great solution that is both simple and inexpensive!

White washing brick is actually quite simple. The best part is that this is something you can do yourself too, so you have control over how dark/light you leave the brick. To begin you need white (water based paint), water, a bucket, a paint brush (any old leftover brush will work), and a bunch of rags. Mix together half paint/half water, and start painting. Keep the rags handy because you don’t want to run into having streaks, so make sure you are wiping them up as you go. Some brick is more absorbent than others, so this will help you to determine how many coats to put on. Resist the urge to make the mixture thicker, because then you will lose the effect of the white wash, and just have solid painted brick. The first couple of layers you may not even see much of a difference – so keep going until you have reached a brightness you like. Most brick takes at least four coats to achieve the perfect white wash look, but again your own preference may be more or less.

As décor styles have changed and evolved (as most of us try to get away from red brick), so has the process of white washing. People have begun to use the same technique with more bold colors – grey, black, even blues. Do whatever fits in the room, remember this is a great accent to your room! Happy painting!!

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Modern Wall Trends

#1- Textured decorative wall panels and 3D design ideas

Textured decorative wall panels and tiled design ideas are extravagent and chic wall design trends of 2016. Contemporary decorative wall panels create an unusual 3D effect, bringing drama into modern interior design and creatively transforming living spaces.

#2 – Wall Decorations with Designer Fabrics

Textiles help create stunning walls. Decorative fabrics are one of the most unusual wall design trends of 2016. Upholstery fabrics and silk, cotton fabrics and synthetics create cozy and beautiful rooms.

#3 – Ceramic Tiles and Mosiac Tile Designs

Modern tiles are one of traditional and popular wall designs can entrance interiors by adding wood and stone textures. Mirrored and glossy tile designs make rooms look brighter and bigger, while mosiac tile designs bring fabulous decoration patterns into modern wall designs and create surprising optical illusions.

#4- Leather

Leather wall panels are one of the most brave wall design trends of 2016. Soft and warm, the leather tiles and wall panels add Bohemian chic to modern interior design and create truly unique, cozy and beautiful home interiors.

#5 – Exposed brick wall designs and wooden walls

Exposed brick wall design ideas can emphasize loft living spaces and add unique accents to country home decorating wooden walls are universally appealing, warm and charming, defining the most traditional wall design trends of 2016.

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