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Sitting Duck: Life Behind a Slider

By: Ashley

When looking at houses, many people love the fact that somewhere in their lower level house, they will have a sliding glass door. But no one understands that once you move in your going to need to cover the slider, to avoid becoming a sitting duck! Sliders will not only allow tons of light to stream in, but privacy levels will drop dramatically. The initial discussion becomes do I deal with it or waste tons of money covering up this huge slider? There are many products out there on the market that could potentially be put up as a window treatment, but the price tag could have you second guessing your judgement.

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Slider and Windows… One Room…

By: Karen

I just moved into a new condo, and my living room is huge. It opens to the dining room and kitchen as well, which gives it a nice, open feeling. The only problem is that when the sun comes out it gets really hot, really fast. There are about eight windows all together, and an oversized sliding glass door that leads out onto a balcony. So, there is light coming in from all angles, from sun up to sun down. Which means, you can’t be in the room without sunglasses. Which also means, as much as I don’t want to, I have to buy blinds.

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Sliding door alternatives

By: Nasim

Most of the time we think we are restrained to one option for a sliding glass door, verticals. That is no longer the case, now there are a couple of different options that people use for sliding doors based on their particular necessities and wants.

Based on what you’re looking for there are a few different options. Some questions you can ask to find out your best solutions are:

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