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Motorized Options

It used to be that motorized blinds were only for the movies.  Turns out, as technology advances, it has in the blind industry as well.  Motorized is now not just available to movie stars or for something cool in a movie, but available to the everyday consumer for a reasonable price as well!  Think about how great that is – life changing even;  from a functional perspective AND a décor perspective as well.

Functionally; I mean let’s be serious. Who hasn’t woken up and not wanted to get out of bed to close the blinds? Or been sitting on the couch watching a football game when the sun comes in and starts hitting the tv.  Eating dinner, when the sun sets just enough to be in your eyes?  Getting dressed when you realize your neighbors are having a BBQ? Now, you have a remote control to deal with those situations.  You can operate shades that will raise up and down with one click.  You can operate the tilting function of blinds just as easily. The feature is available on any type of blind, which allows it to work where you need shade, privacy, or darkness. The best part is, motorized eliminates issues related to child safety, and there’s not even anything for your kids to play with like on cordless blinds!

From a décor perspective, it will also work anywhere – because it can be added to anything! You can add motorized options to a decorative roman shade in your dining room, or a functional cellular black out shade in your bedroom.  And they look so clean, no more strings hanging down, no need for continuous chain loops that are always showing on your window frames.

Even better, you’ll feel like a movie star when you have them in your own home!!

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We Make It Easy!

Have you ever shopped for blinds or shades before? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve found a great place to start! At Blinds To Go, our Design Consultants live by our motto: “We Make It Easy!”

Your first decision would be deciding whether or not you would like blinds or shades better for your window. What’s the difference, you ask? Our real wood Laredo 2″ and aluminum Softlook 8 Designer are two examples of blinds. Simply put, they’re made out of horizontal slats in which you can tilt open and closed to adjust the light. Some of our shade styles include Harmony or Motif. Shades are generally a window covering made of fabric. This fabric can be light filtering, room darkening or blackout. To make this decision, we would ask you, “how do you want to control or block out the light?”

Secondly, a major factor that everyone must adhere to, is budget! Blinds To Go has the largest selection of blinds and shades under one roof, so we have something for everyone in every price range! From small vinyl mini blinds to lavish and decorative Harmony shades; we have something that will surely go hand in hand with your budget AND your home!

Your third decision would most likely be based on style and color. A safe option that many Blinds To Go customers choose is a classic white. Some customers do choose to go the bolder route and go with a bright color or bold pattern. We have white and color/prints alike available in every blind or shade option. As you can probably tell, you will have a lot to choose from, but that first initial question will narrow it down. To further help you decide, we’d ask which one you’re more comfortable with and which would help your home feel more like “home”.

After those primary choices are made, the rest of the pieces just fall into place. When you shop at Blinds To Go, our Design Consultants are here for you every step of the way to ‘Make It Easy’. Investing in window coverings can finish your home off with just the right touch. So let us ask you one last question… Do you know where you’ll be designing your window treatments?? Here’s a hint… WE MAKE IT EASY!

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Care Tips DIY Tips and Advice

Limescale Cleaning

Limescale cleaning

BTG Store 151

Limescale is a mineral deposit that builds up on faucet, toilets, sinks and even blinds, it is a nuisance but easy to get rid off. You will need heavy duty cleaning gloves, brush, vinegar, and bucket, and borax, and last a spray bottle. All can be found at a local hardware stores or the super market  at a low cost.

The first step is to wear the rubber gloves to protect your hands. To get rid of the lime deposits soak the sponge in white undiluted  vinegar and apply a generous amount on all flat surface with the lime deposit.

To unclog a shower head first remove it from the hook on the wall and place the head in a bucket, then fill the bucket with enough vinegar to cover the shower head for five to ten hours. Next rinse with hot water and reattach.

To get rid of limescale in the toilet, first drain the toilet bowl and then pour in full cup of vinegar and full cup of borax. Leave the mix for four hours before scrubbing with a toilet brush.Vinegar can also act as a preventative by adding some in the toilet tank.

Next step is to fill a spray bottle with half a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar, great for aluminum blinds that are hung inside of a shower. Apply a generous amount on each slats and repeat for the other side of the blind, rinse and wipe dry with a clean towel.

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Spring Cleaning is Here

Spring Cleaning!

BTG Store 151

Everyone dreads the spring cleaning. There is a rarely a person you will find that wants to set aside an entire day to clean! Over the years, I have come up with a few ways to break down the task so that it does not seem as daunting. One of the good things about breaking it up is that you don’t need to find an entire day to do it, and if you have help – you can delegate a lot easier!

For starters, break down the tasks as inside vs outside. If you are sharing duties – that’s one of the easiest way to split the job in half. If not splitting the task, it gives you an easy way to divide your time – as much or as little as you might have. Another great idea is rather to divide it even further – so if you have just an hour before work, or an hour when you get home at the end of the night – you can tackle on chore.

For example – spend one hour dusting the entire house, or one hour washing all of the windows. When you have more time – wash the curtains, clean the bedding. Another time – clean the floors, or clean the baseboards. Another time, clean the blinds – whether you have to take them down and dust, or are planning on cleaning them in place. Use one hour to clean the appliances, or deep clean the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the hardest part of my plan – is the planning! Writing out a check list of tasks is the most important part of accomplishing what you set out to do. So, take your first hour you are going to invest into cleaning, and break it all down. Walk through your house, inside and out, area by area, and room by room. Once you have this checklist – hang it up somewhere you can’t avoid, and get to work! And – tidbit of advice, once you make the list, keep a copy for next year – then you can skip step one!!

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Faux wood blinds setup in this gorgeous bathroom. Inspiration Products Tips and Advice Window Basics

Window Dressing

Humidity Resistant Blinds

Thinking of dressing up  your bare bathroom windows? worried about mildew  and warping with your blinds? Well let me tell you, a great way to go is with Blinds To Bo. Blinds To Go offers a variety  of humidity resistant blinds like the faux woods or the aluminum venetian blinds. Depending on your preference you’ll have a high percentage of satisfaction.

The faux woods have four different styles to choose from, the Classic, Wood tones, Ideal wood, and Air wood. The Classic is great if you are budget conscious and offers four colors. The Wood tone which is the second prince point on the list, offers a  greater range in whites  for someone for someone who has a tough time matching their white window frames. The third price point which is currently on sale offers a more natural look when it comes to the prints on the slats. The last price point which is my personal favorite is also on sale. The Air wood is great for those who have large windows. The Air comes with a designer valance and a trapezoid. It is the lightest out of all the blinds, ideal for those who likes to raise their blinds on a regular basis.

Feeling bold and looking for bright colors to match those tiles or that shower curtain? looking for an industrial look? The Softlook 6 and 8 blinds can’t be pass up. With a small head rail and easy pop in brackets they are sure to fit within your shallow frame. Whether you are a left handed or can only  reach that right corner of the window, the Softlook offers the option of switching up the cordlock and the tilting location. So the next time you think of blind, think Blinds To Go.

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Creating Drama

Creating Drama

The family room has become a suburban standard. The formal living room has now more often been left to languish, only to be dusted off for holidays and other special occasions. If you have one of these rooms that is seldom used or not valuable in your home, you can convert it into something more useful.

With just a few technical adjustments, you can create your living room into a bar/ entertainment room. A very practical choice especially for those who enjoy entertaining or just having friends over for a fun night in. You can add a pool table or foosball table, install a HD large size TV on the wall and a sound system; these additions when added with music will transform the space into your own lounge/hang out area. The neighbors will be begging to come over and hang out!

Another option is installing or buying a pre made bar. This was it moves people out of the kitchen and into your newly formed hang out space so everyone can be together whether you are talking or playing a game.

As a window treatment, match your blinds to the floor or a bar, this way the front of the house is connected to the bar area. My personal choice would be real wood or faux wood blinds. They are easy to clean and to maintain. Faux wood blinds less expensive than real wood blinds too and will give you the same look and not warp in the sun if exposed to heat constantly.

Once the hard job is done, invite your friends over for Sunday night football, and have your self an ice cold martini!

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It’s Beginning To Feel Alot like Winter

It’s Beginning To Feel Alot like Winter

It’s beginning to feel alot like winter, the days are shorter and the nights are longer.  With those longer nights come the cold weather.  Last year we were faced with record shattering temperatures.  As a result many found an increse in their monthly utility bill.  Keeping that in mind many homeowners saved on energy by getting their home insulated against the outside elements, but honestly thats just not enough.  Lots of heat and energy loss is not being provented if you do not have an insulator on your window.

Cellular shades provide valuable insulation with their unique honeycomb design, and are ideal for cutting cost on your energy bill.  They are available in a wide range of colors from a neutral bar harbor beige which is close to the color of sand to warm sienna which looks like a sunset. Also they are all white on the back which will give a uniform look on the outside if you are going with different colors in different rooms. No matter your style with our large selection we can help you find the right color to go in any room in your home.

If you have little ones in your home you may love the fact that cellulars are available in a cordless option.  This eliminates hazards from cords hanging down from the shade. Our cordless shades are certified best for kids so you can buy with confidence.

Further more if you are busy shopping this holiday season and don’t know how you will find the time to measure or install do not worry because we have you covered.  Here at Blinds To Go we offer a preferred installer program, were we can send a professional out for a fee to measure and install leaving you more time to spend with loved ones.

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Fall is Here!

 Fall is my favorite time of the year. Time to break out the scarecrows, leaves and pumpkins. Time for scarves, boots and hot cider. The leaves are changing day by day, to beautiful shades of reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and greens  Pumpkins and apples are back in full swing. Be prepared to find those flavors added to any of your favorite treats. This time of the year my house smells like a warm cinnamon apple pie all day long. That alone puts you in the autumn spirit. I live in a small apartment so there is only so much I can decorate with out taking away from my tiny space. My holiday decoration go-to are the little gel window stick-on. They’re only a dollar and vary from Holiday, season, and even phrases. I put them on my windows and mirrors. They can add pizazz to any decor. I have my fall pumpkins out with the fake leaves to dress up my table. another thing i like to do with the season change is switch up my curtains and lampshades. Take away the summer colors and add a warmer feel, with some shades of red or burgundy. The easiest way to freshen up your room without spending a dime is to just rearrange the decor, such as the couches or television set. There is nothing more relaxing to come home to after a long day at work, or waking up to, is a clean and fresh home. The warm apple pie wax melts are enough to give the harvest feel to any space big or small.
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Heat’s Here

Heat’s Here

Around this time of year we get a lot of customers coming in realizing how much light and heat is coming in through their windows.  The sun is pleasant during the other three months, until you realize how much harder your air conditioner is working, and how much higher your first electricity bill comes in. The good thing is, there are a lot of options that can help you to insulate the windows while allowing the sun (we waited a long winter for the sun this year).

While any treatment you add to your window will help to cut down some of the sunlight, and keep out the intense glare, there is one option that is superior to all of the others – cellular shades.  Reason being, is they are specifically designed to insulate your windows! The cellular shades are made of a polyester material, and is two layers of material bonded together to form a pocket of air.  They are often referred to as “honeycomb” shades because the structure looks like a honeycomb if you look at it from the side.  Because of the structure the pocket of air serves as a barrier for the hot and cold air – which helps significantly with the air conditioning bills (it won’t hurt in the winter with the heating bills either).

The other great thing about cellular shades is that they come in a ton of colors and styles – they can be light filtering for your common rooms – or blackout for your bedrooms.  They also come in a few patterns and textures if there is an area of the house you are looking to dress up a little more formally.  The shades can be ordered with many options as well depending on your needs.  You can order it cordless for easier use and child safety, it can be order with a top down bottom up feature – that allows you to cover the bottom half of your window for privacy but still let in the natural light, and with a continuous cord loop that makes large windows easier to open and close.

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All About the Budget

This Summer, why wait till your dying from the heat this season? When you can put up our Cellular Shades and keep down that air conditioning bill. These shades come in all types of colors that can liven up any room, and still leave more money in your pocket.If you are looking for something more for function this summer that look great, Classic and Smartcell Cellulars are what you want to go for.

The Classics come in neutral colors so they can go with any kind of color scheme, and because of the basic set up for this shade they are also the least expensive out of the four kinds of cellulars, making it easy to stick to your budget without giving it a second thought.

Also there is our Smartcell Collection. Although this style does have neutrals and earthtones it also has lovely bold colors such as blue, red, plum, grey, lavender, ect… These colors no matter how viberant or simple will be the perfect accent piece to touch up any room. The great thing about these are now you have more function options to choose from. Just like the Classic Cellular you can get cordless, the difference? The difference is in how many choices of color it can come with; the Classic can only come in white or cloud for this type and Smartcell colors can all come cordless! Also you can now get what is called Top-Down/Bottom-Up, which allows you to let light into the room all the while keeping your privacy. This is a great opiton to have in any room breaking the shade rulling of “all or nothing.” These shades can also be a great option for that sliding door if you are looking for something different than verticals. This year more people are buying these because of our 2 on 1 feature, which translates to 2 shades on 1 headrail, letting the side on which you exit out of up and the other down.

The best thing about our cellulars is that they are white on the back! So no matter what you choose for the color on the inside they will always apeer uniformal. So for you it is helping the room stay cool but to the people looking from the outside it will look like beautiful white shades and no one will be any of the wiser to the georgeous colors happening on the inside of your home.

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