beach house

beach house


Going to a Beach House without Woven Wood Shades is like going to the Beach without SunTan Lotion!

By Darius Johnson

In the blind world, natural materials have risen to become more popular in recent years, and Woven Wood shades are right in the midst of popularity. These naturally woven shades will give the inside of your home a natural and clean outdoor look, adding character that it makes buying them a very easy decision. 

Another great mention about woven shades is that they are made from natural materials, causing them to have a rich look. Furthermore woven shades are eco-friendly, so not only is it a great option for window treatments due to the natural look of them but it helps the environment as well. 

Woven wood shades are a perfect fit for any room of the house given that they have a multitude of options. These shades have the ability to have liners added to the back to make them light filtering but gain privacy or a blackout liner for those mornings that you just feel like sleeping in!  Woven Wood shades also have a variety of valance sizes, styles and colors to choose from so you can always find the perfect shade to match your style!

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Faux Wood Blinds

With the many different beach homes out there opening up, faux wood is a great alternative to real wood. With the damp ocean breeze, a cellular wouldn’t be the best choice of product; due to the many cells, water and moisture can get trapped inside and may cause mold to form over time. Faux wood can offer the style and look of real wood but the durability of vinyl slats.
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Paradise in Your Home

By: Nariah K.


It’s getting warmer and warmer by the day, so it’s time to get the family together and migrate to your family beach house. Before you do that, you have some decorating to do. What better way to dress up your beach house by putting some new shades up, such as woven woods? Woven woods are the perfect accessories for your window and can make your home feel comfortable and cozy just like the beach. These shades would fit perfect for homes with natural, earthy, or tropical decor. No one woven wood looks the same, each specific shade has it’s own look, making the woven woods the most unique shades we have.

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My Ocean View

By: Sai
About eight years ago I purchased a home on the beach and the view was extraordinary. When you are driving to my new home you have to turn into a dirt road.   You follow the road down and my house sits right in the middle. Its hidden and all you see around are the weeds that grow through the sand. It’s a small  two-floor house.  The first floor consists of the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One is in the master bedroom and the other is down the hall. That bathroom I call the community bathroom because no one is allowed in my bathroom. The main thing I love about this place is that the backyard is a beach. Every time I come here it is so relaxing I can walk out to my deck and enjoy the sun and the cool ocean breeze. I can go for a swim anytime I want and there’s no one to stop me. This place had done wonders for my patience and my blood pressure (joking), it’s so relaxing to wake up to this.

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