By: Ashley

Just as you switch out your winter clothes for spring and summer, you may want to do this with your window treatments as well! Here are some of my recommendations.

Get rid of any blackout shades (unless they are in a bedroom and you need them to sleep). Days are longer and brighter, let’s cheer your house up! Most fabric shades will let light through and still give you the privacy you want. Try out fabric verticals instead of vinyl. The great thing about verticals is that you can use the same track and just pop in different styles and material as long as they are the same width. You can use the same hardware with most of your treatments if you just stick with the same style and brand, too (i.e. darkening roller shade for SOLIDT_Blue-1202B light-filtering roller shade).

My absolute favorite treatment for spring would have to be a cellular shade, though. They are simple, light and airy. Plus, they are the best insulators. Function AND décor! This is an especially great function for the heat of the summer. Now if you think it’s crazy to switch out window treatments or you just don’t have the money, cellular shades are still an all-around, great year-round investment. Not only do they help out with the heat of summer, but the cold in the winter. And if you get blackout, you can get a top-down/bottom-up function which allows you to bring the shade down from the top as well as up from the bottom for added light control. Just be sure if you are switching anything out that you clean it before storing.