By: Dominic

I am a business owner who specializes in selling furniture. About a year ago I purchased my third showroom. It is large and has many windows. Since the windows are all quite large, they catch a lot of sun. The large amount of sun pouring through these vast windows is a problem of course, because I can not afford to have my products and displays fading from sun damage. That would not be good for my business!

I decided that I needed to put up some sort of window treatment on these windows, but I didn’t want to lose the view of outside. I didn’t exactly know where to begin, but I was able to gather some great advice from a sales associate in a local blinds store. I was told that sun weave shades would be the right fit for me. This particular style of shade is constructed to allow you to see right through it and also allow light into the room. The shade’s pattern makes it block all the UV rays, which are the harmful sun rays that damage the furniture. With this product I would still be able to see my view of outside and the products in my store would be protected at the same time. The one thing that I was not too happy about was that at night I would not be able to see through the shade, but that is not too important because the majority of the time the store closes before it gets dark outside.

I put them up in the store about a year ago now, and they really do work. Nothing in the store has faded at all! I still have the view of the parking lot and can see when customers are pulling up. They look great on the windows and best of all they had fit into my budget and were easy for me to install. I highly recommend this product to business owners who want to protect their merchandise and keep the view of their parking lot!