By: Erica

Roller shades are quite popular today and continuing to grow in the window treatment industry. I always saw roller shades as an unattractive finish to a window that was used only to block out light for function, but my mind has changed drastically along with others I’m sure! One style in particular that has really made roller shades stand out is the screen roller fabric. Screen roller shades have taken a fashion appeal in both commercial and residential appearance. There are so many different fabrics and mesh choices that are available now anywhere. Interior designers and architects look past traditional window treatments and are looking at screen roller shades as both commercial and residential options.

What draws a lot of consumers now to this product is not only the appearance of the shades, but the benefit that comes along with them. They allow light to enter a room without the harsh effects that those UV rays cause. Plus it still allows you to have a view and not close off the outdoors. They are made with polyester, vinyl, and fiberglass, which is great for high traffic areas to keep these shades looking new. All you have to do is go over them with a damp cloth and cleaning solution and that’s it! Another benefit is that these shades, especially in the summer can keep rooms cooler and help with energy costs. With everyone trying to save money any way they can, many companies are introducing this line as a green product for energy efficiency to catch everyone’s attention. Restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses use these shades for that reason but also the look they provide that gives their business a more modern updated appearance.

In shopping for these shades, be careful! Beware when seeking out a low priced screen roller shade product. Consumers should be concerned with the long-term durability, energy savings and free from concerns of lead and other safety risks. It’s very easy to imitate this product, so go with companies that stand behind their products.