By: Karen E.

catalina white

When summer comes along, so does decorating the sunroom.  Traditionally, bamboo is a popular option for sunrooms.  Usually, because sunrooms are often casual, and decorated with a lot of casual elements, often including wicker furniture.  The great thing about bamboo is there are a lot of options and customizations.

First, you start from choosing the color and texture of the material of the blinds themselves.  They come in a lot of wood tones, which are often easy to match to your furniture, although one of the most popular options is going with a white (again matching to that wicker furniture a lot of people have). The other option is how decorative you want them to be.  They can come completely plain, which would give you a casual look, or you can dress them up with a nice edging, which has options varying from extremely plain to simple prints.  They can also come in a flat panel, or a folded panel (which lends more of the look of a roman shade.

Aside from the decor aspect, you can also choose the functionality.  Being that you generally do not need too much privacy in a sunroom, you can leave the shade completely unfinished, which allows in a lot of light, but still allows you to see out (the downside – at night people can see in).  If you do need privacy, there is the option of a light filtering liner that allows in some light but you can’t see through.  Or, if anyone ever sleeps in the room, or there is a flat screen TV, you can add a blackout liner that completely cuts out the light.

By the time you are done choosing all of the options, you have a blind that will completely fit into your room, and match perfectly!