Sun Room

Summer rolls around and everyone realizes they’ve been missing out on the most important room in the
house – the sun room! Often times, a sun room is either a three season (not heated) or poorly insulated room (due to the number of windows in the room).  But, once the summer comes around, it seems like the best room in the house to spend some time.  Usually, the summer is also the time of year you realize the sun room needs to updating.

First step, like with redoing any room, is usually a fresh coat of paint.  It’s amazing how a new coat of paint can instantly transform a room, and the good thing about a sun room is that there usually isn’t too much wall to paint because there are so many windows. Keep it light in the color you chose to paint, because
remember, this is supposed to be a relaxing room where you get to enjoy the view of the outdoors and relax.

The second most important element is the furniture.  Although common, the best way to go is with a simple wicker furniture.  There is a wide range of prices you can get these pieces in now, available at local big box stores, or high end furniture stores – but either way they create a relaxing environment, and a instantly bring a casual feel into the room.  Also a benefit to wicker – you can dress it up or down, and change the colors
and feel of the room with the fabric you chose to use as the cushion/pillow colors.  You can keep it simple with couches and chairs – or if you have the space you can bring in a table so can enjoy eating in the room as well.

Although, because there are so many windows – and so much sun, covering them often ends up being an
issue.  Being that it is not a main room you do not want to spend to much money, but being there there are a lot of windows, you have to buy a large quantity.  A common treatment in these areas is shades.  From
bamboo – which brings the natural feel into the room, to sunshades – which allow you to keep the view but eliminate the glare and UV, both treatments work well on large windows without being to heavy or too busy.

And remember, it’s a room to relax and enjoy, so do not overdo it!