By: KarenWV-trinidad_cocoa

As summer rolls around, its time to get our three season porch ready.  We barely use it the rest of the year, but during the summer months we are out there all the time.  We have a pool out back, and a great backyard for hanging out and enjoying the weather.  But, as anyone knows who has a pool or lives near water, once the sun goes down, the bugs come out, so we like spending a lot of time in the evenings on the porch. 

For years, we have had the same wicker furniture, put up the same roll down bamboo shades, and have had the same picnic style table out in the porch.  But, as all things, over the years the furniture has started to look worn, the shades donâ™t really roll up any more, and the table and chairs have started falling apart.  I decided this was the year to tackle the project, but I knew that I wanted to do the project as inexpensively as possible.

My first step was emptying out the room completely and deciding what were the most important things that I wanted to have.  The first thing was a table, so that when we grilled out we would be able to sit out back and enjoy the evenings.  I found a black metal table and matching chairs that seemed extremely durable and easy to keep clean.  I also found a canvas couch, and matching chairs in dark brown and tan stripes, that matched well to the table and seemed like they would be durable (especially if anyone came inside and was still wet from the pool).  The other thing I needed to replace was the roll up bamboo shades.

I knew I didn’t want to go with real bamboo as it was pricey, and I didn’t really want to buy more imitation bamboo either, so I decided to explore my options.  I eliminated anything fabric due to the issues with cleaning, and decided I liked the idea of blinds that could be tilted open and closed in order to control light and privacy.  Turns out faux wood is easier to clean than the other blinds, and comes in two inch slats, so it wouldn’t be too busy considering that we have eight windows.  I chose a pecan color, which wasn’t too dark, or too light, and was a pretty close match to the floors.

I have to say, weâ™re looking forward to entertaining in our new room this summer.  And itâ™s all extremely easy too clean and durable, so hopefully it will be around for the next 10 years!