Summer Centerpieces

Want to decorate your tables for the summer season by not sure how?  Here are a few suggestions that will brighten up your furniture in no time!

The obvious summer centerpiece is a vase with flowers in it, but why not add more interest to the vase!  Take a large clear glass pitcher and put a small clear glass vase or cylinder inside.  Take some lemons, cut them in about ¼ inch round slices and put them between the pitcher and the vase.  You will need enough lemon slices to layer all the way to the top of the pitcher.  Add water to soak the lemons, and add water to the inner vase as well.  Now your pitcher is ready to put your flowers in.  Add colourful flowers to contrast with the “vase” you’ve created, and enjoy!

You can also create simple centerpieces by filling a large cylinder vase with green apples, lemons or limes, and adding a few hydrangeas sitting in a little plate on top.  Another homemade vase that you can make if you have a party, is by carving out the inside of a pineapple, putting a glass inside and adding flowers inside.  Your guests will be very impressed by your creativity, and they still get to enjoy eating the pineapple!

If you have a beach themed party, get a vase, put some sand it it, throw in a scented candle, and add seashells all around.  You can even go as far as putting some sand on the table to put the vase onto.  Another simple ‘beach’ idea can be created by putting some sand in a mason jar, adding a tealight candle, and putting a wide strip of burlap around that’s held by a thin cute ribbon around it.

It is so easy creating wonderful summer centerpieces that will add a beautiful touch to your home this season, so go ahead and have fun with it!