In seven years I have lived in at least eight small space studio apartments. Along the way I have experimented, and found out about what works and what does not work for a small space studio.

One common obstacle that I alway run into with all my studio apartments is that lack of space. To make the studio look and feel like it is  bigger than it really is, I  painted the walls with cool colors.  And as an artist, I have learned that cool colors recede and warm color pop forward. with my walls being a cool blue that  trick my mind into thinking that the wall a further apart. Another trick that I have also discovered, is adding couple of large mirror on the walls will also do the same trick.

I am always fighting and trying to figure out how to keep my small apartment clutter free. After walking through the door after a long day of work there are usually a pile of mail waiting on the floor for me. One solution that I have come up with to keep it organized and out of my site  is to put all the mail in a box that I have painted to match the walls of the foyer. by painting the box exactly as the wall color, that creates the illusion that the is not here.

In my one bedroom studio my bedroom flows right into the living room, I wanted to create a visual division yet make it flow. several ways  that I did that is by painting the bedroom one shade of blue  and the living room and other shade of blue with in the same family of color. I also decorated the walls  with a series of 1950s illustrations that has the same style  from one of my favorite artist.

I am always trying to figure out of ways to trick my brain into thinking my studio is larger and organized because a studio apartment does not give me a lot of choices.

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