By: Karen

Over the last twenty years my living room has changed quite a bit.  It went from being a casual room for entertaining friends, to a child safe room when we had kids, to a more “grown up” kids room, and I’m now faced with once again updating the room.   

All the kids have since moved out, and my husband and I are once again the only ones using the room on a daily basis.  It is our nightly place of peace and quiet after a generally long and hectic day.  We recline in our chairs or on the couch, with a newspaper, magazine, and usually the TV on some channel in the background.  It no longer seems necessary to have bins and baskets around that always had the kids’ stuff, and we can pull out the nicer blankets and pillows without worrying about them getting tossed around and ruined.  And we’ve decided that as much as we love our couch, it is probably about time to invest in one that hasn’t been slept on most weekends over the past ten years.

So after picking out a new couch and recliner (my husband decided it was time for his very own), we decided to add a fresh coat of paint.  Knowing the paint would be there for a while I decided to go neutral, and chose a warm coffee color, and of course, repainted all of the white frames to update them.  Of course this made the curtains and blinds look drab and outdated. Unfortunately the window is made up of five windows across – two on the outsides and three in the middle about a foot taller – and an arch over the top of the three middle ones.

When we moved in there was a vertical over the whole window – which did provide privacy, but was really unattractive and took away from the look of the room.  We then switched to separate aluminum blinds on each window – we were on a tight budget at the time but really wanted to preserve the shape of the window.  After we got a little more money to spend we got cellular shades on each window and one on the arch (which to be honest I really didn’t like being covered once it was). Of course those shades had been white, and now they just look dirty. Based on my experience I knew that I preferred something easy to clean (like the verticals), something mounted in each window (like the aluminum’s), and having the arch open (unlike the cellular’s). And to be honest, not to deal with any curtains – there were numerous sets and styles throughout the years.

After doing some research and checking out the neighbor’s I found the 2” wood blinds were not only back in style, but had become quite popular.  The best part was they came with their own valances so they were finished on their own. We put them up, and I absolutely love them, I have no complaints.
Don’t get me wrong, we miss having the kid’s around, and sometimes it does get a little too quiet, but when I get to sit back and just relax with some good books I have to admit it’s quite nice!