By: Sai
Cellular shades and wood blinds are so similar and different at the same time! Here in the New England area they are both popular styles. The main reason why is that cellular shades and real wood blinds have very similar R-values. R-values are defined as the measure of the capacity of a material, such as insulation, to impede heat flow, with increasing values indicating a greater capacity.  This pretty much just means how much heat, cold or draft it absorb and stops from coming into your house. This means that they are both insulating which is great in this area. Here in New England we have the frozen tundra in the winter. OK maybe not that bad but it can get really cold in the area, and I sure do not like it!  Then when the spring and summer rolls around, the temperature rises like it is no tomorrow.  It can get really hot, upwards of ninety degrees. That is why the insulation of these two types products are helpful, because they keep the inside warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer that is impressive.
Even though they have this huge thing in common they operate completely different. Or do they? In my mind, even thought they look nothing alike they are like fraternal twins, they do everything the same but in their own way. Besides the fact that they both are very insulating which is one of their greatest advantages, they do many things great. The first comparison of brothers from another mother is that wood blinds tilt open and close and you can see through them, while cellular shades can do the same thing, it is something called top down bottom up. This is a feature that allows cellular shades to open from the top down and open from the bottom up so that you can put it in any way you choose, this allows you to look out when needed. We all know how cellular shades blackout when they have an aluminum lining on the inside of the cell. Blackout is great because  no sunlight comes through.  It is cave dark, so for all you deep sleepers and people who work overnight, this ideal for you. But wait, wood blinds do not stay behind!  You see wood blinds have a feature called intimacy. Intimacy is an option that can be added to wood blinds so that there are no pin holes showing. This means that the slats will close tighter and the pinholes are no longer there so that gives you optimum light coverage. The main thing they have in common is their look. Even though one is a full shade and the other is a blind that tilts they still look alike.  From a distance, they both have a nice clean look. They both can be very modern and at the same time be contemporary too.
Just like step brothers they can be very different. The first main difference is wood blinds can tilt open and close, while the shades are either up or down. The second difference is that while cellular shades have two options, either light filtering or blackout, wood blinds can tilt open and close giving more light control. The other difference is that with wood blinds you can get fabric tape to change the colors, or the valance can be simple or decorative like a cornice.  Contrary to this, cellular shades are always the same.  You can either get a solid color or a print style.

In conclusion just like step brothers they are different and the same. When deciding between the two they are both the same. They are kindred spirits that are far apart, but at the same time united by their R-values. So when choosing blinds remember about insulation and how these can help transform your home.