By Karen E.

After the long, cold, snowy winter we had in Boston, the time is finally here to get outside, open the windows, and enjoy some fresh air.  Finally seems warm enough to store away the heavy sweaters and pack away the warm blankets.  It’s also the time to retire all of the dark colors we used to decorate all fall and winter and brighten up your homes.

Chances are you had hung curtains over the winter to help with the heating costs, so step one is to take those down! Either leave the window with just your blinds (do away with the curtains), or replace them with lighter weight and lighter colored fabrics.  Spring is a great time to bring some fun patterns into the house, and stores are really featuring bold colors this year.  Adding an accent with a bold teal, bright orange, or perky yellow with instantly brighten up the room. There are also a lot of bold geometrical patterns being featured this year that can make a huge difference in a room.

Another area to tackle is your furniture.  After giving everything a good spring cleaning and polishing, you can dress up a bland piece of furniture with some colors as well.  The easiest thing to change out is a throw pillow or blanket with a new color and pattern. Go out get some new brightly colored vases and some fresh flowers and not only with you brighten the rooms up but you will bring in some pretty scents from the outside (or if you don’t have any fresh flowers a brightly colored candle can do the trick too!)!!