Moving into a new space can be both exciting and overwhelming. If this new space happens to be an apartment, then often times the overwhelming part is where to put all your stuff?! We’ve put together a short list of ideas to help make the moving a little easier, and make your space feel even bigger!

  • Make every day furniture serve multiple purposes.
    • Adding open shelving in your kitchen area can be both functional and decorative. Use metal shelves that allow you to add a lot of storage to your space while showing off your things! (It will also help you to stay organized – because it will force you to clean more often!)
    • Use furniture in your living room that provides storage. A lot of coffee tables/ottomans now are designed to have storage space inside – and best of all its hidden so no one will know what you hide in there! For a TV stand, use a bedroom dresser – with drawers or cabinets – most tv equipment takes up very little space these days – so you have an entire cabinet to fill with anything you need space for.
  • Use every bit of space available.
    • Under bed storage is the best idea ever! You can store anything under the bed – and no one will know it’s there. Hide things closer to the wall you don’t need access to as frequently, and put clothes closer to the sides you can get to them easily.
    • If you have an entry way table, use a decorative table cloth – instant storage underneath, and your friends will think you were just decorating!
    • Make the most of your closet space. Add small shelves to store your shoes. Use hooks on the walls – hang purses, belts, scarfs without taking up good real estate in your room.
  • Make sure to decorate accordingly.
    • Hang a mirror on the wall in any room you want to appear bigger. It’s an instant fix to any space.
    • Make sure not to overdo window treatments. Curtains in a space that is too small can take over the room and make it appear smaller. Stick with blinds that can be interior mounted.
    • Keep the wall colors light and neutral. When you want a pop of color use accent pieces.

Remember – it’s home – make it your own!