By: Karen

I can’t be the only person with sliding windows. I don’t understand who came up with the idea of them to be honest. I really don’t like the way they look and I’m not a big fan of how they operate. And, they are impossible to get treatments for. Curtains are generally stationary, and blinds generally go up and down or are vertical, which I think are ugly. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to replace them.

Which brought me to do some research. I looked online, but it seems that the sliding windows really are not all that popular, so I decided to do some shopping. (I even drove around some neighborhoods to see if anyone else had windows similar to mine, but with no success). Turns out that verticals are still the best option according to most people, because then the blinds open in the same direction as the windows. There is a new treatment called panel tracks, where the fabric moves side to side, and is in wider panels – but the panels are almost 20 to 30 inches in most cases, and my windows are only 30 inches wide. Some people suggested wood blinds, because they were heavy enough that if I had them down they would not blow around too much if the windows were open. But that didn’t really make too much sense to me either.

That’s when I stumbled across a two on one. Of course, I didn’t realize that’s what they were called at first glance, and no one had suggested I use them on my windows, but it was the perfect solution. It was an option available in pretty much any line of blinds or shades, and when both sides were down, made the window look completely neat and normal. But, if I wanted to open the window, I could raise just one side of the blind to get some air in.

I ended up choosing cellular shades because I loved the modern feel of them, and I liked how tightly they closed up at the top of my window when I wanted to have it open. Sometimes it takes a lot of determination, but I found something I really loved, and it works great! (I actually am starting to hate the windows a little less…)