Skylight Dilemma?!

If you woke up today with the sun and heat glaring down on you from a skylight above your bed, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.  Even better, there is a solution to your problems! When building, a lot of people think that putting a skylight in the bedroom will give good
lighting, and a feeling of openness.  The only issue is that often times people don’t consider that in the summer months, when the sun comes up early, it is going to wake you up! Luckily, there are shades designed to hang up in these openings.

The skylight shades are made from cellular (often called honeycomb) shades, which are made for this treatment in a triple layer of fabric.  They come in a light filtering style, which will block enough of the light to cut down on the direct glare first thing in the morning, as well as
protect the furniture in your room – if you didn’t realize it, chances are the skylights are fading things in the room.  They are also available in blackout, which will completely cut the light out from the skylight – which is perfect if you are the type of person that likes to sleep in on the
weekends, or wakes up from any glimmer of light coming in.  Either option also provides some insulation so it will help during the hot summer months to cool down the room a bit (and keep the AC inside if you have it running).

The shades attach at the top and bottom of the skylight opening, and have a track that runs along either side of the skylight opening.  There is a handle – if you can reach the window to raise and lower the shade, and a pole available to purchase if you are not able to reach the opening from the ground.

Don’t worry – an easy solution is available, you don’t have to wake up at 5am all summer!!