By: Karen E.


With springtime, comes redecorating, which brings a lot of people flipping through magazines, and watching design shows on TV.  One of the key terms this season seems to be “Simple Elegance.” After the first few people had come in stating that was the look they were going for, I decided to do some research on my own.  Turns out, like most other styles, it is 80% up to your own interpretation, but focuses around a clean, simple decor, accented with some dressier pieces (hence, the elegance).

When applying this to window treatments, most people interpret it as, time to lose the curtains and drapes, and go with the simplicity of a blind.  The initial idea, when thinking simple and clean look would be cellular shades, but they are lacking the elegance.  The best solution to this is roman shades.  Roman shades, relative to heavy drapes and curtains are simple, because they are a single, tailored treatment, and elegance can be added by choosing a pattern.  The Ballet, one of our more popular styles, has a decorative, floral, leafy pattern that adds a dressy element to a shade that otherwise would not be dressy.  It is a strong pattern throughout the entire shade, but it is neutral enough that it doesn’t leave you entirely committed to matching your entire room around it.

Of course, there are other patterns as well, some more bold, some less that really just attract attention through texture, but it is all up to the room you are putting it in, and of course, your own interpretation.