We’ve all seen shutters when we’re out at a nice restaurant, or at a friend’s house, but when you stop to think about how to use them in your own décor it’s not always the easiest thing to figure out. Some say they appear “beachy”, some say they look more rustic, some say they are more traditional; but believe it or not, they are great in ALL of these different places!

For starters, Shutters are a permanent window treatment that is made from wood. It tilts open and closed (like a blind), but is built into your window (or is installed to appear that way), and does not raise up and down. You still have complete functionality of your windows, because you can open and close the shutter like a door, to open and close the window, or if you just want to look outside. The advantage, because they do not raise up and down is that they don’t have strings obstructing the view, and when you tilt them, you have full view out between the slats. They are made in white to blend in with the window trim that most people have in their homes, and to give them an airy feel.

In terms of where to use them the answer is; anywhere! They look great in an open room overlooking the ocean, because they are bright and airy. They look great in a traditional room because they are simple, and appear as if they were built with the home. They look great with rustic décor, because they have simple clean lines and don’t distract from your other décor. They are great in bedrooms because even when the windows are open they don’t blow around and make noise when you are sleeping. They are great in a living room because there are not strings hanging down to get in the way. They are great in kids rooms because they don’t create a child safety hazard. They are great if you have a beautiful backyard because they allow for a great view. They are great if you live in a city because you can tilt them to control what you see and what your neighbors can see in. They are great in a room that gets a lot of use because they are extremely easy to wipe off and clean!

Moral of the story – they are multipurpose – they can work anywhere and give your room a facelift with a clean up to date look!!